HUEL Abbreviations

Well, I am a newbie hueligan and a little frustrated with all the abbreviations, RTD etc. that are in posts. I’ve searched the forum for the meanings, and can’t find any.

So, can you please list the abbreviations with their meanings in here?

Thanks for your help

Happy to help. It’s mostly just products and flavours that get abbreviated.

RTD: Ready to Drink

BBC2.3: Bring Back Chocolate 2.3

H&S: Hot & Spicy, and its flavours:

  • T&H: Tomato & Herb
  • TGC: Thai Green Curry
  • MC: Master of Ceremonies

NORWICH: Ask your grandad

NKPIV: No Kelp Please, I’m Vegan

JCHYCTLA: Jesus Christ, @hunzas, You’ve Crossed The Line Again


Very comprehensive David including the upgrade from simply savoury to spicy :sweat_smile: you omitted a few common ones though:

EWW – Entitled Whining Warning

STD – Scoopgate Trauma Debacle

TRASH - Trolling Repeatedly and Soiling Happiness


Oops. In my defence, the non-spicy one isn’t worth buying.

SQE: Sqround everything
O/NV: Original vs New Vainilla deadly battles
HB2.0DH: Huel Bars 2.0 are Dry as Hell