Huel and Auto Immune Diet Protocol (AIP)?

I know nothing about AIP but it was recommended to help with persistent headaches.

I’m just about to start doing some research but was wondering if Huel would fit in with it?

Or if anyone knows anything about it?


I haven’t heard of it before but looking into it, it’s a restrictive diet with little scientific evidence.

The main question with all restrictive diets and cutting out food groups is are you getting all the nutrition you need?

If you have issues with headaches I would talk to your GP and if you feel this diet will work for you then with a dietitian. At the very least they will be able to help you ensure your diet is nutritious while following a restrictive diet, they can also help you reintroduce foods back into your diet which is often missed by online resources.

As AIP removes all grains and Huel is high in oats, Huel would not fit into this diet.