Huel and eating al desko

Just started using Huel and loving it so far, great for a quick healthy workplace lunch.

It got me thinking about the psychological impacts of Huel and as now I am less likely to go down to the canteen and socialise and more likely to stay at my desk working while I drink my Huel. Was wondering if you guys have found yourself’s stuck to your desk during the day as you no longer need to go out and get food?

Shaker bottles don’t have chains attached to them, if anything they make you more mobile than if you were demolishing a proper lunch.

End of the day it’s up to us all to make sure we make good use of the extra time Complete Foods buy us, get yourself up and have a wander!


I still go out in order to preserve my at times shredded sanity

I must admit I don’t go to lunch with my coworkers anymore. I used to do it the first weeks, but then drifted of, as I now just drink at my desk and don’t take real lunchbreaks anymore. But that’s just me. Nothing is stopping me from going to lunch with my colleagues, but I do feel it’s not a requirment anymore.

I always ate at my desk anyway so it doesn’t make much difference to me. I always go for a walk at lunch time so if anything Huel helps me to do that because it’s quicker to prepare and consume than anything else so I have more time to get out.

I drink my Huel at my desk while working - I know this isn’t great for digestion (you’re supposed to concentrate on your food, not multi task while eating, for optimal digestive health).
The good thing about this is I get a full hour then to do other things at lunch time and don’t have to use my break to prepare and eat food.

I use the hour to go for a long walk over the fields - get some exercise and fresh air. This really helps me keep myself healthy physically, and also helps my concentration in the afternoon, and makes the day seem more enjoyable.

If I have any urgent chores to run, it means I have time to do this as well - nip to the shops or bank or post office for example, or even pop home to let workmen in or take a delivery.

Huel really frees up my lunchtime so I feel I have a much better work life balance and I feel less stressed as a result.


I use huel outside of my lunch break whether that be on the ward floor, my office or behind the lectern! This means at actual lunch In can spend my time as I please such as either talking to colleagues or arranging my personal affairs.

I work while drinking Huel, I have small breaks instead when I go outside for a moment, like 5-8 minutes every hour.


I will often sit in the canteen and drink my shake while my colleagues eat


Does it not feel weird being the odd one out? Do other workers not question it?

If everyone I worked with ate dirt I would join, just to fit in and not look out of place

I work in South East Asia - they eat some weird stuff here - drinking Huel in the staff canteen would be very vanilla ('scuse the pun) by comparison :smiley: but I normally drink it while im out or at my desk.


I’ve always been the odd one out at work in regards to my lunch habits!
While others are tucking into sandwiches I’d be there eating hot rice and dahl out of my food flask.
If we go out for lunch for pizza or fish and chips or a pub meal, I’d have to just have a drink and then eat my own gluten free food when we got back to the office.
I’m not bothered at all about looking different.
I have to admit though that I get more funny looks drinking Huel out of a protein shaker than I ever do if my lunch consists of a can of coke or a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake.
People are strange.
Don’t worry about what they think


I can’t do it I feel too awkward. I have my huel in private. And when I’m out I pretend I’m a normal person who eats normal food. I often just use the excuse “oh no I’ve just eaten (insert normal meal) I’m fine” little do they know I’ve had huel.

I like how it’s your dirty little secret. Most people are ashamed that they nip off to the bogs to crack one off to photos of swans. You’re ashamed of your powdered food.


Haha I made myself laugh. “Most people”. :smile:


I don’t care. We had a bloke at work (he now quit), who only ate meat. And only fatty meat, like ribs and such. Nothing else. No vegetables, no carbs, no fruit, nothing. So yeah, I’m quite mild in my work-food habits :wink:

Edit: he cooked his food in the eating area in a grill, so our office fridge was always filled with raw meat and then the hallways smelled like grilling ribs.

Edit edit: also worth mentioning, he quit his lab work job to go work in a butcher making spaghettisauce and lasagnas and such… :thinking::grimacing:


I work in a tech startup so working behind my desk and drinking my lunch is not seen as something very odd.
Some people crack jokes when they see me preparing Huel in the kitchen, using a “drug dealer’s” pocket scale but I’m quite unwavering and don’t really care if I may seem a bit odd.

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I always eat at my desk, I love that little quiet time for myself instead of eating in a full canteen.

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I guess you don’t work in an open office? :smiley:

Maybe start making portions of Huel in small zip bags or envelopes, just try it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: