Random Q's for Huel Staff

I’ve got a couple of random/silly questions in good faith for any Huel staff (Professional Hueligans?) who may come across this thread:

  1. How easy it for you guys to find your Huel shake at break and lunchtimes in the office(s)*? Do you have to label with your name, have different coloured containers, etc
  2. Have you ever, either yourself or noticed someone else, bring in ‘non-Huel’ food into the workplace for standalone consumption?* For example, "I didn’t fancy a Huel shake for lunch today, so I brought in [insert alternative product]. Did you/they get any funny looks? :slight_smile:

*I appreciate many staff may still be working from home at the moment.


My question: Who has the most untidy desk? :rofl:


Who is the one that always comes late to the office or meetings?

Hahaha love this thread! You’re right though, most of the office is working from home at the moment. Only people in the office currently are those who can’t work from home, as per guidance. So answers are all in the context of pre-covid

Yes sometimes difficult if people put theirs in the fridge, however most don’t keep theirs in the fridge but make Huel fresh. If people have Huel for breakfast they often bring it in from home. Lots of Hot & Savoury eaten at lunch too. We have loads of shakers in the kitchen, so no one really keeps their own shaker. A good ol’ Sharpie is key if anyone is refrigerating!

Yes! It’s not compulsory to have Huel at work and just like you guys here people have different routines when it comes to Huel. Some are more breakfast Hueligans, some aren’t fans of Powder but love Bars/RTD. The important thing is not that we all eat Huel but that we believe in the brand and it’s values and work hard to make it better :blush:

Vote has been cast, pending results.


Now I want to know who is the office Gareth (Wernham-Hogg reference showing my age there). The one who labels their stapler and locks office supplies in their drawers?

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Votes are in and it was a very strong win for the Marketing team. Tony, our Merchandise Manager, apparently has been known to take up 4 desks with his stuff. 2nd place was Zoe, one of our Marketing Managers.

Words from the finalists:


I’d like to start by thanking my parents and my wife. I feel I’ve kept a consistency for my entire time at Huel. My mentor Julian trained me well in the art of the desk steal, but unfortunately the teacher has now become the student :trophy:


To quote Einstein, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"


Haha, brilliant work Tim.

I will admit to locking my own stationery in my drawers before. I used to work in an office with a pen thief which got really annoying over time. I would also lock everything away when going on annual leave for a week or so as otherwise I’d get back and have nothing.

As long as it didn’t descend to this level…


I worked with a welder once who put my mouse inside a condom. Lovely that was.

Is it true that you’re made to sit at a table facing the “don’t be a dick” wall when you eat non-huel food?

Did it survive? I can imagine that’d be quite stressful for a mouse.


Is that a euphemism?