Huel and getting fat


I consume Huel from some time. I wanted to gain wait, so I was eating more calories than my caloric demand. After some time, I noticed that I gained a little bit of weight. But I was under impression that mostly my belly got bigger and I would prefer to get weight on other parts of my body, like for example arms. So basing on my very little experience, I am under impression that if you eat Huel, you mostly get more fat on your belly than on other parts of body, but I can be wrong and that could be for example the result of me not having enough exercise or something other.

So I wanted to ask:

  • Question to Huel nutrition specialists: according to you knowledge, what parts of body should get fat the most from eating only Huel taking into account what it consists of?
  • Question to other people eating Huel: does your experience confirms what I wrote above that your belly gets bigger when you consume a lot of Huel?

I assume (and hope) that a few things got lost in translation here. There is nothing you can consume that will cause you to gain fat in one area rather than others. You are probably experiencing some bloating.

What other kind of weight gain were you hoping for? Bone density?

The fundamentals of mass gain apply here:

  • Caloric surplus + No exercise = Fat gain
  • Caloric surplus + Progressive overload from weight training = Muscle gain

You’ll always end up with some fat gain while on a bulk, but it can be minimised. Sounds to me like you need to hit the gym and get a nice weight training program on the go.



Sums it up perfectly

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