Huel and hair loss

I started Huel about 1&1/2 months ago and I am loving it, to the point of almost being addicted to it.
But since i started using it more & more people have been commenting on my hair loss. I’ve heard some protein shakes and workout supplements can accelerate hair loss. So is there anything in Huel that may cause similar effects? or has anyone else had similar experiences?

I am aware that there may be other factors in effect, most likely my friends are being d**ks and saying things to wind me up. But i would like to try and hold on to what little hair I have left.

Hair loss while on high protein diets can occur for two different reasons:

  1. The diet contains certain growth hormones that can result in hair loss, or
  2. The diet severely restricts carbohydrates and calories, the resulting deficiencies could result in a condition known as telogen effluvium.

Huel neither contains dangerous growth hormones, or restricts carbs and calories. No worries; Huel is not contributing to any hair loss.


Strangly for me … at the back of my head … I was going thin before taking Huel … Now after 1 week, I can’t see that patch that was going thin.

So my question is : Is it possible that Huel can help prevent hair loss?

If your thinning hair was caused by a vitamin deficiency, then yes. Huel can prevent hair loss, by restoring the vitamins you were lacking through a poor diet.


It has been reported that hair and nail condition has been improved since consuming Huel. Some people have also reported hair growth. But as @Ric said this will be dependant on your pre-Huel diet and if you are deficient in any vitamins. In terms of hair loss there are numerous causes -

We have sold over 5,000,000 meals, and I can’t remember another report of hair loss.

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I started going thin at 22. Shaved my head completely at 24 and never looked back… (Now 47 and my head is just as shiny as at 24…)

I know the topic is a bit old, but instead of opening a new one, I think this will ft here!
It’s not that much about hair lost but about beard though.

I have a beard for the last decade or so, and about 2 years ago, after having a teeth pulled out, I start to have a small patch without hair in my beard (not sure if it’s the trauma, the anesthesia, or not correlated at all to be fully honest). About 2cm wide, without anything. Some white hair start getting out very slowly toward those 2 years, and no doctor managed to solve the mystery.

I start using Huel about a month ago (about 70% meal), and… new hair! Everybody is asking me my secret now :wink:
It really felt like magic, neither me nor my friends/girlfriend I can’t even find where was my famous hole in the beard!

I will also report on my hair status, since I do tend to lose them, and I have pictures to compare, but I’ll wait some more month (to leave the time to new hairs the time to catch up with the old ones).

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@clovis any updates regarding your hairloss (on your head) and continued use of Huel ?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, just look what Huel has done to @hunzas he has a fine head of hair since drinking Huel


If it is it takes a while it accept it. I remember when my hairline started receding and spending ages getting my hair cut a certain way and trying to perfect my comb over, until I said sod it and now just shave my head (look a bit like a neo nazi skin head now but hay ho) I imagine huel would make your hair and nails healthier as for bringing back hair I doubt it.

And my anal beard is the talk of the town. Nicky Clarke regularly puts his comb through it before spraying on some frizz control.

Hi @Plantlife,
Regarding the hairs on my head I haven’t notice any change to be honest. Which is a good thing I guess! I mean, I still have a brighter spot on top of my head and I can see it on some pictures, but nothing drastic, or out of the ordinary. Definitely better than most man in my family. Now I can’t guaranty that Huel is the main reason for that, but it doesn’t seems to hurt either.
Regarding the beard patch, I found some old pictures, it’s not extremely visible but it gives you an idea.
1 month on Huel and they are all gone, never to reappears…
I pointed out the big hole, and one of the small hole (I also had some other under the chine)

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hmmm old thread but for me it was positive. Noticed far less hair in the shower grid hole and thicker strands over the top not sure about vit deficiency as I eat fresh food every day .

so wondering if there is somat going on…

Is there a strict chronological correlation? Or has it already started at an earlier time?

Sometimes you can tell the most likely reason from the pattern. If you mainly loose your hair at the forehead and nowhere else it is often androgenetic hair loss - the treatment would be topical minoxidil.

If it is diffuse some kind of nutritional deficiency, most often an iron deficiency, could be the reason. Psychological stress might also be a factor.

Theoretically it could also be an infection.

If you really want to know the cause you should go to your dermatologist and let him do a so called trichogramm.

Where can I have a look at that?

Your dermatologist tells you the result of the trichogramm (he takes a tissue sample that is analyzed). You should also check your thyroid values (at least TSH).

There is also a study linking androgenetic alopecia to insulin resistance:
https: //www pii/S014067360002763X

So maybe nutrition does play a role.

My impression is that Huel in itself neither causes nor prevents hair loss, though - is has virtually no effect in my opinion. I am the opposite of metabolic syndrom and nevertheless suffer from hair loss, so this can not be the whole story.

But using Huel can coincide with a lot of other things that may cause hair loss - or prevent it.