Two Shakes & Healthy Meal = better hair & face?

I keep reading through so much info on this Huel product but there’s nothing definitive on how it can improve your eyes, complexion, or hair - as juice+ claims to. What’s the reality with this, does Huel improve skin, hair, eyes, etc? Also how effective is it with detoxing, obviously I’m having 4 litres of water a day etc, thanks.

Just look at my profile pic for the full benefits.




Seriously though, it doesn’t make any such claims and is just food. The claims made by companies such as Juice+ aren’t all they seem.

If you have a poor diet lacking a full range of vitamins and minerals it is likely to benefit you. If you aren’t already eating a wide range of food incorporating a spectrum of colours, and food types, while being low in stuff like sugar, saturated fat etc. then Huel will help you get more rounded nutrition.


Cheers much appreciated

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If you eat a nutritionally balanced diet your body will reflect this and Huel is nutritionally balanced food. Drinking plenty of water always helps as does variety.


Plenty of water sure, but 4 litres a day really is waaaaaay too much to drink unless you’re being insanely active. Even the recommended 2 litres can be too much for many sedentary office workers and any more than that, well, you’re just going to spend half the day in the loo.


Personally, I struggle to get through 2 litres a day.

Meant pints sorry :roll_eyes:

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You drink four pints every day? No wonder your eyes are suffering :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course I’m referring to our beloved H20, although C2H5OH is always a winner :crazy_face:


That reminds me of a joke.

Two chemists went into a cafe, one said “I’ll have an H2O please”. The second man said “I’ll have an H2O too”, He poured it over his head and his hair went blonde.

For me I feel it helps with my skin. I have less spots when consuming mostly Huel and my nails grow quicker too. I never take multivitamins but I’m guessing it’s the same concept of having a decent amount of your RDA’s in Huel that help with that.

Why would you want to put your hair in a turkey?