Unexpected Health Benefits For The Body?

Hi all,

Just ordered my first batch of Huel after umming and ahhing for the last week.

So my first question is based on things like various MLM companies I’ve reviewed (I do business development and have often helped MLM people sell more, so learned a lot about the various products), has anyone had any MLM type body effects?

For instance, constant users of Juice+ report glowing/vibrant skin and sparkly eyes and great hair growth.

Users of Forever Living report similar results, as well as increased energy etc.

Maybe a bit of perspective will help; I’m a very fit and active person, but my diet is TERRIBLE. I’ve done freerunning and acrobatics and martial arts and dance for 12 years or so, but suffered some major injuries in the ankles and knees which has made me stop, although more recently I’ve got patella tendonitis in both knees, so once I manage to fix that, I’ll be spending more time in the gym.

As my diet mainly consists of dominos, jars of nutella, takeaways and steak dinners (I mean, I do eat healthy meals, but like 80% junk), will switching to Huel increase my overall health and vitality?

There will be obvious changes from cutting a lot of the junk out, but could I expect to see things like glowing skin or increased blood flow or consistent energy?

What about things like increased joint function? I know it probably can’t advertise things like that, but has anyone noticed things like that?

I see a lot of advertising that says Huel can replace meals and supply all the RDA’s, but where does that sit in comparison to say, a Raw Vegan Athlete or BodyBuilder that eats clean?

I plan on having 2 or 3 Huels per day, with a healthy dinner, lots of snacking on fruit and the odd meal out.

When I start back at the gym, I’ll probably add some protein powder into each shake and a meal and fruit.


(Apologies if this doesn’t seem like a structured question, I’m exhausted and excited haha).

Welcome to the forum, Matthew!

I’m in month five now. I’ve lost just over a stone in weight (12.5st to under 11.5st) without trying, my cravings for chocolate and bread have effortlessly evaporated, and at 53, I’m in better shape now than for some years. I’ve not eaten meat since 1994 so my diet was OK before, but with no real focus on the details of nutrition. I feel now that Huel takes care of the details and I can just get on with my life!

I’ve had positive comments about my skin, but that’s from the amount of water I drink rather than the Huel specifically. Not sure about hair and joints - though I can do a lot more pull-ups these days, and have just started exercising with inversion (gravity) boots.

Good luck!

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Hey Matthew, thanks so much for the post!

I know what you mean and Huelers have certainly reported anecdotal benefits. A couple that frequently crop up are better/deeper sleep and a feeling of being more energised. This could simply be to do with a better and more regular consumption of micronutrients, the same benefits as a varied and balanced diet. For you if you switch some of your 80% junk meals to Huel you could well experience the same - let us know!

The benefits of Huel for someone that is already healthy are probably not physiological but find that they have more time to do the things they love rather than shopping/prepping/washing up and cooking (if that’s not their thing). Others find that they save money compared to the fast food/convenience meals they splash out on during the week.

Hope this answers your question somewhat. Really happy you’re so excited about starting Huel :heart_eyes: You plan for Huel consumption sounds great, but you can always find more information on the forum or at our How to use page.

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Hi - personally I feel better during and after meals when eating plant-based food (incl. huel) compared to traditional food. The effect is subtle, though, and perhaps even a negative for example, the feeling of “I wish I hadn’t eaten that” is less frequent.

If you are looking for more objective or even scientific insights, then the best nutrition resource on the web is run by a Dr. Greger and there are quite a few articles on the effects of food vs. exercise, usually in terms or avoiding disease but also sometimes covering emotional well being e.g. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/foods-increase-happiness/.

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I think if your diet is that bad, yeah you will notice a difference in health, vitality, all that jazz. You’ll end up eating less sugar. On the ingredient page it explains why certain things have been added and it’s quite an interesting read. I have noticed improvements in nutrition indicators- my nails are much stronger and less prone to breaking for example, my stools are healthy (sorry if tmi), my skin heals faster, I no longer bruise as easily as I used to, my lips get less dry, I haven’t felt faint at all. Generally have been calmer, too.
Thing is, I’ve always had a diet most people would think of as ‘kinda healthy’- I love vegetables and love to cook, but have a weakness for chocolate. But I had a bunch of signs of malnutrition. I don’t have 2000kcal of huel per day, I only have 1-2 shakes per day and the rest of my intake comes from ‘normal’ food.


I wouldn’t describe it as unexpected health benefit as such and notnas a direct result of including Huel in my diet but but a usual day at work would see me consume between 10-15 cups of coffee, each with two sugars. Within a week of starting with Huel I’m down to 1 cup first thing in the morning and that’s only because it’s waiting for me when I arrive at work. I’d not consciously decided to cut down on coffee, just that I’ve not felt the need to have one. I’ve been building up my Huel intake and Tuesday was my first full day of getting 2000 calories from Huel.

I imagine a large part of that is down to each 500 cal meal being 620ml of water.

But even so the reduction of coffee should result in improved sleep, reduced fatigue, reduced blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity, blood pressure levels and lowered LOL cholesterol. While the reduction in sugar should also bring benefits.

With my intake of water now around 2.5l I could benefit from at least another litre and if that could be in the form of black coffee without sugar and aim for about 300mg caffeine then it may offer some protection from Alzheimer’s, dementia and cognitive decline. In that regard my reduction of coffee through consumption of Huel has potentially been a negative :grinning:

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LOL :stuck_out_tongue:



LDL not LOL and not LIDL despite what autocorrect is trying to do to me :grinning:

haha…the amount of times Huel is called hurl on here for similar reasons.

Totally have to regularly delete ‘hurl’ from my phone’s dictionary for panic of sharing something on Instagram!

For binge eaters like me Huel is amazing. I know I can have 2 Huel’s for breakfast and lunch and something nice at tea so my wife hasn’t got to put up with me eating something different. One unexpected health benefit for me was how healthy my mouth and how clean my teeth are. Seeing such obvious benefits on the outside makes me think about how much I’ve reduced the stress on my internal organs.

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