Huel as an Exclusion Diet - By Allergy Alert

I’ve gradually been getting more strict with myself on the Huel diet to the point where I had a period of 10 days with no other food at all. Then, on Friday night, the family were having a KFC blow out so I thought what the hell.

Two hours later and my lower throat has swollen to the size of a small orange, no problems breathing but very painful. Couple of doses of antihistamine later I was fine but left me with a very sore neck. So something in KFC disagrees with me, so it could be almost anything :slight_smile:

I’ve had a lactose issue for ever and antibiotics are a big issue for me, so shouldn’t be too surprised that a total exclusion diet might be followed by some sort of crash when I reintroduced possibly the worst sort of food.

So another use for Huel, as the basis of an exclusion diet :smile:. But be warned…

Do you have a soy allergy? I just took a look their ingredients lists, and soy is mentioned quite a lot. 157 times in the whole document actually. Also, milk is mentioned 117 times.

Could be, being lactose unfriendly I did use Soya milk a lot in my diet but discovered it had all sorts of effects on me (including hormonal ones…). So I came off it about a year ago and haven’t touched it since - so has the ring of truth to it.

Had a roast this weekend, late Sunday and no problems there - Lamb with all the trimmings - but no Soy :slight_smile:

I think the thing to do would be to test it in a more isolated way. For example, drinking nothing but a load of soya millk and see if you have the same kind of reaction.

Already the plan in a couple of weeks :wink: