Huel and general inflamation


Anybody else see to have issues with huel and inflammation based symptoms ?
When using huel have general joint pain and worse asthma. when not using the huel symptoms dissipate in a day or two. 100 % reproducible.
Ive tried using the gluten free version of huel but that makes no difference. Guess the last attempt is to try the unflavored/unsweetened version with no sweetener. I’m reacting to something in huel just don’t know what.


I’ll be interested to hear if anything is different for you with the unflavoured/unsweetened. Since starting to drink Huel, my asthma has pretty much disappeared. There could be other reasons for it though.


Interesting post


Mine too. :slight_smile:


I am convinced my asthma is linked to IBS. It is much improved since starting on Huel.


Well, that’s the thing… As well as drinking Huel, I pretty much cut wheat and dairy right out of my diet too. And I know that those weren’t good for me.


Me too, almost completely. I have one of my favourite meals of a couple of slices of Danish bread under chopped tomatoes and two poached eggs perhaps once a week now, otherwise no bread at all. No bread means no butter or spread either which is no bad thing. The only cow’s milk I have is a small amount in my tea once or twice a day. I can drink black coffee no problem but don’t like black tea.


I don’t like it either, but I stopped drinking it for a few weeks and then tried it black, and it was not bad…few week later and it’s fine. Soya milk is nice in tea, and Oatly barista too, (in my opinion).


I sometimes have a cup of Earl Grey. No problem with that. I use almond milk on my granola but don’t like it in tea. Soy is a no no for me. Oatly barista I have never tried. Will have a look for it.


Just curious @Africorn how did they effect you?


Oatly B…is now in quite a few major retailers as well as many independent stores. Alas it is quite a bit more expensive than other plant milks.


Bad indigestion which I thought was from wheat, but it turned out to be a reaction to dairy that was causing my digestive system to coat with mucus which was preventing me from digesting wheat and some other grains properly. I haven’t had indigestion / heartburn / acid reflux since I quit dairy. I still don’t eat a lot of grains, mainly because I try to get my carbs rather from non-starchy vegetables.


Found it, thanks. Looks promising. Will get some tomorrow


That’s probably cos milk is for calves not humans. Loads of people have intolerances to it.


Yep. Pity more people aren’t aware of what is causing their digestive issues.


Yeah I blamed wheat for everything but I was also drinking a couple of pints ( sometimes more ) of semi skimmed milk a day. I do feel better not having either of them, I am glad we can mix Huel with water and not milk


Me too! I sometimes put in 100 ml of almond milk, mainly because for some reason it thickens the mix up. No idea how, but it does.


It is the thickeners in the almond milk. Different plant based milks have different strengths (or weaknesses) in that regard. Huel did post an interesting video about it sometime. I would enlighten you but I am currently entertaining a “lady” friend who keeps chatting to me despite my protests.


Oh, here it is, I managed to locate it while waiting for her to finish stuffing her face with cake.


Leave him alone @Wendy_Shepherd