Huel helping with asthma?

I started Huel only a week ago so my experience is very limited but I did go 99% huel, all apart from the occasional stick of celery or a carrot. This is very strange for me because I’m used to eating lots of anything and everything.

One thing I felt I had to share was the effect it has had on my asthma. My asthma has mostly always been under control by 2 puffs of a steroid inhaler twice a day and if I missed any of those I’d develop symptoms and know about it.

After starting huel, a few days in, my lungs started feeling different, difficult to explain as I’ve had asthma all my life so I’m fairly in tune with how my lungs are performing just by the feel. I felt like I didn’t need my inhaler, rather than take the chance 100% and stop my inhaler completely I have decided to reduce it to 1 puff twice a day, so far so good, 2 days later my lungs still feel completely fine. I’m tempted to stop completely but I will wait a while and perhaps go down to just one per day first. Anyway, thought I’d share, this is completely new to me!

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You’re not alone - I’ve been thinking the same but wasn’t sure how this could be. If I miss using my steroid inhaler I’m not feeling any effects…very bizarre but very welcome. Mine was described for copd rather than asthma but considering I ran 3 mile last night for the hell of it and recovered quickly I’m considering consciously not using rather than forgetting.

Just to clarify I can run and recover well when I use my inhaler - but I forgot to take it, ran and recovered well.

Pleased to see this.

I had to stop jogging due to my chest tightening etc, on discovering Hule I was worried about what effect it would have on asthma.

I’m edging towards the “buy” button more now. :smiley:

Slightly the opposite here. While using 100% in the first week my asthma (occasional sufferer at worst) seemed to flare up a little. Seems to have calmed down into the second and third week but it’s still not back no where it was. Fingers crossed. Dietary change is always likely to affect asthma.

I’ve only being using 125g of Huel everyday for a week, so maybe its not really enough to make a difference, but my asthma has been slightly worse the last 1-2 days :pensive: I hadn’t even considered there might be an effect on my asthma, but now that i’ve seen this I will be sure to keep an eye on it to see if there is any change as I increase my Huel intake :smiley: