Hooray for Huel! my experience

Absolutely cannot thank Huel enough for the amazing product. I’ve currently been on Huel for 3 months now and Huel has absolutely changed my life in terms of health and ease. Having suffered from low blood pressure, dizziness (currently under a neurologist) and excessive tiredness for years, since being on Huel my health has dramatically improved, I’m less dizzy, more active and so much less tired that I feel completely different and feel almost as I was before i started experiencing health difficulties! Having also been on steroids for my health, Huel ontop of the gym has helped me greatly shift all that excess weight that I was conscious of and made me so much more confident!

On top of that, Huel has changed my life in terms of ease and my ability to eat whilst leading a busy life! I’m currently training to be a solicitor (to which I have to commute hours each day)and studying the Legal practice course alongside in my free time so have 0 time to eat! Huel has changed my life in terms of efficiency and has enabled me to get all the nutrition I need for the day to help give me more time to work and study plus has enabled me to spend more time with my family and friends

I cannot thank Huel enough for the massive difference it has made! now time to wait for Payday to order more Huel and a cheeky t shirt or hoodie for xmas! Massive thanks!


Hey Lowri, thanks so much for the message, we love to see it! Which meals are you having Huel for and which flavours are your go-to right now?

Enjoy the hoodie, they are sooooo comfy!

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the message! Payday/Christmas can’t come quicker because the hoodies look lush!

Breakfast and lunch everyday at the moment! Definitely Coffee flavour powder at the moment and Chocolate RTD save so much time, hot and savoury is also handy! Praying for a coffee RTD to drop soon!!

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Love these types of posts

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