Huel Bar - now available to pre-order, for dispatch on the 20th Dec

20% of daily nutrition :wink:

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Maybe I’m a minority, but I don’t mind more fat and less carbs. I think the texture and flavour would be nice. Coconut butter doesn’t taste bad.

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Looking forward to ordering some as my Xmas pressie to myself. I’m thinking as an after gym snack or when on the road with work. Bound to be better than service station “food”

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If it was me, I’d be pleased to eat something containing a spread of all essential vitamins and minerals; not too high in fats; I’d be lowering my cholesterol from not having meat or dairy in my snack; plus my financial health would benefit from not spending what it costs to get those on-the-road sarnies!

Huel staff: could you make it possible for us to buy the bars in bigger quantities? It seems strange that the biggest order for bars is 32, which only works out to about 8,000 calories, when the smallest order for the powder is 14,000. I know the two products are marketed differently but I’ll be eating these bars two at a time (to more accurately compare to a powdered Huel meal) and probably having a ‘bar meal’ every other day, possibly every evening. If you could offer a 64 bar version I’d be very grateful!


Cholesterol is ONLY found in animal products … it literally doesn’t exist in plant foods. It’s something used in body tissues. Plant-based foods can include saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels indirectly, but direct cholesterol intake becomes zero on a vegan diet.


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So this is actually a surprisingly complex topic. It is now thought that saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are not as harmful as previously believed:

The reason for this is that, whilst we know saturated fats do increase cholesterol, the amount of cholesterol received from dietary sources has basically no effect on blood cholesterol (the risk factor when it comes to heart disease). This is because the amount of cholesterol in our blood is always in an equilibrium to ensure we have enough for our bodily requirements. We need quite a bit, and the liver is able to produce all of it from saturated fat if we have none in our diet. As we increase the amount in our diet (as direct cholesterol), the liver simply converts less saturated fat into cholesterol, and the position of the equilibrium shifts. Up until about 1500mg of cholesterol intake daily (five times the US guideline), this equilibrium simply shifts so the liver produces less from fats. As such, for anything below that amount, there is no correlation between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol in the vast majority of people:

With all this said, you are correct that a Huel bar will be a lot more balanced than most other things, and will definitely rank as one of your best options. They are definitely inferior to the powder, but that’s to be expected.


Fascinating stuff, thank you! Yes, re: my earlier post, this is exactly why I want a 64 bar subscription :slight_smile:

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So does anyone have their Huel bars yet? Mine are due here in about 90mins according to the DPD tracking :relaxed:

Between 3-4pm :grin:

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Would be interested to hear what they taste like…!

DPD must be up early in my neck of the woods. Breakfast, tea and a dystopian novel - Tea and cake, Oryx and Crake! What’s not to like?


My DPD driver made good time :slight_smile:

Edit - okay just polished off that bar. I think the taste and texture is spot on, seems nice and “natural” not like a lot of protein bars etc. The bar is also pretty big and filling - I was surprised by how much food it seems like for 250cals.

Love it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Huel, Linux and Business Cat… 3 of my favourite things, in one photo! :smile:


Bars & pudding flavour Huel have arrived

Christmas has come early :grin:


When will we be able to preorder the bars?

This offer seems to be limited to almost every country apart from Germany at this point in time. This is a bit disappointing, as I’d been checking in every day waiting to order my bars, only to find that everyone can order them but us :frowning:

Wot no bananas?

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Had my first bar today. Overall I thought it was OK. I had never eaten a bar like this before and I found the bar quite dry and chewy. I was told by someone who had eaten “protein” bars before that this is to be expected and it’s probably a result of not wanting to put too much bad stuff in there. Amazing how ones taste has essentially been ruined by what tastes good over what is good for you. I remember how I was with my first Huel drink so expect there to be a little adjustment curve for the bar also.

I think the box design could benefit from a rework. Maybe a design with a solid base which can have the nutritional information on it and the top which opens can be more branded with “Huel Bars”.

Will post another update in a few weeks with how the bars have panned out.

@ryanhellyer we are on it, should be before Friday.

We are trying to recruit a Country Manager for German but it proving somewhat problematic. Our German team member left to go travelling so we are left with no German speaking cover.

We set up a dedicated German website to give better service, fully translated and priced in local currency, but it’s proving harder to manage than we imagined.

Seems like an opportunity there @ryanhellyer

Here is the job advert -