Huel Bars are both ridiculously priced and filling

So I had my second Huel bar from my box, half way through a boring lecture about constitutional law. I ordered just one box of them, since I didn’t know if I actually liked them, so the snack cost me about £2, which is a crazy amount of money for only 250 calories of Huel. However, it is extremely filling. It’s been about 5 hours now and I’m only just starting to get hungry again, so you can definitely say it served its purpose of being an “on the go” alternative to Huel. I will be purchasing some more when I can afford to do so - but that’s exactly the thing. These prices are huge, even at the lowest price per bar of £1.30, you are required to purchase £100+ of it. Not everybody is in my situation, but as a student, this is completely unfeasible. They are also a tad dry, but certainly not inedibly so - I didn’t have any coins for the vending machine so I couldn’t get some water to wash it down. So in terms of feedback, the things I have to say are:

  • Very good, filling, fairly tasty, and definitely a viable quick alternative to powder.
  • It’s a little dry.
  • Maybe a little cheaper, please?

Just curious, but what else can you buy for less than £2 that keeps you full for five hours?

(Five hours does sound rather excessive, it’s a 250ish kcal snack bar after all).

Corn kernels?

Increase the moisture and decrease the price and you’ll end up with a chocolate bar.

There is a 10% student discount on student beans now. But I have been having a lot of problems. Right now I don’t think it’s applying to subscriptions but I have managed to discount a couple things.

If you think they are dry, good job you didn’t try the first version!


Thanks so much for the valuable feedback, Thomas - we really appreciate it. I’m so pleased firstly that you like the flavour and are finding the Bars filling and satisfying, that’s great! A word on the cost, sorry you think they’re a bit pricey. We do try and keep costs as low as possible but believe the Bars are competitively placed in this marketplace. You’ve got to remember what these are, and they aren’t just mere energy but pretty complex bits of nutrition.

  • 26 essential vitamins and minerals in optimal balance to compliment the vitamins and minerals in the whole ingredients
  • High quality, complete vegetable protein
  • Balance of fibres
  • Great fatty acid profile
  • Yummy things like cacao nibs and pea protein nuggets

And more things I’ve likely forgotten. Don’t forget to get discounts from referring friends, subscribing etc. If we can possibly improve on the price and dryness in the future then I’m certain we will.

The bars do work out about twice an expensive as the shake or Granola per calorie. I find them great as an ‘on the go’ snack like walking or cycling or a lunch snack with some fruit.

I don’t find the new ones in the least bit dry…the originals definitely were, and I did quite like them like that…they were most akin in texture to some of the early Pulsin pea protein bars.

Even so, I think I prefer the new style ones. All good here. :slight_smile:


I buy in bulk around 48 a time - they work out around £1.50 each then - and I sell some to friends at work.

I usually have 1-2 for my evening meal after a big lunch. So around £3 for a balanced meal is pretty good. I mean you can get a processed microwave meal for £1 from some supermarkets or £5 from others but this is going to be a lot more balanced for with less saturated fats and salts and sugars etc!

You could always use Huel powder with other ingredients to bake your own bars. Plenty of recipes can be found on the site and elsewhere on the 'net.

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