Huel Black Banana

Week one of trying the Huel black banana flavour
Tried it as per instructions not to bad added a banana
Using a blender also squeezed half of the juice of a lemon into the mix and found the formula very pleasant
and enjoyable so I will stick to that formula for the
Banana Flavour.Will be trying the strawberry flavour next and see which formula suits me.

I might give the lemon juice a try with the banana flavour for a change, although I do like the banana as it is too.
Thanks for the tip.

Why would you put lemon in with bannana? Is it a thing?
Regardless, I might just give it a go :slight_smile: This is banana Huel + a real banana + juice of half a lemon right?

I have low potassium levels the banana helps maintain my levels the lemon
Offsets the sweetness and reduces the sugar levels of the drink but that’s only my opinion himji thanks for asking.

Nice, I’ll give it a try later this week :slight_smile:

I love huel black banana flavour but I also add coffee to it taste fantastic

I use the HBB, I like it a lot.
I can’t really imagine what it would be like with lemon juice in, though I make mine with skimmed milk so probably best not to try!