Huel diet

Hi all

Recently started huel trying to lose weight, this morning I have mixed up 2 scoops of vanilla with 400ml water and added a banana go improve taste put it all on my shake blender is this ok to add fruit ?

It’s ok to add a banana. That will add around 100 calories for a medium one, so providing you add that to any calorie calculations you are doing it should work for you.

Add a spoon of instant coffee and you have my daily breakfast :slightly_smiling_face:


Banana is the best. I usually blend half a banana in a full shake, with 600ml water and 110gr of Huel. It’s great. :slight_smile:
I also tried other fruits, berries are good, apple with cinnamon is very good and also melon is not bad at all. :slight_smile:

i’ve switched to vanilla (3 scoops), breakfast and dinner with unsweetened soya milk (59p a litre bargain)

Do you cook the apple down first or just blend raw? Love the idea of apple and cinnamon!

No, I just cut in pieces and blend it. Also tried with apple juice, and other juices like peach, berry and coconut/pineapple :slight_smile: With juices the problem is finding the right amount, because if you exceed it will become a sweet hell :smiley: But apart from that, Huel is really flexible and a great base for experiments. :slight_smile:

Thanks - tried it this morning and loved it, a great new addition!

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