Huel Bottles and Tree Nut Allergens

I am very allergic to one specific tree nut (Brazil nuts), and while I have seen posts that indicate that the powder is produced in a nut-free facility, I am not sure about the bottled Huel. Would it be possible for someone from the Huel team to explain?

This has definitely come up before I just can’t find it on the forum. If I recall correctly, the answer is not good news for you I’m afraid. But I really can’t remember and it might have been the bars or granola that we were discussing. You’ll have to wait for @Tim_Huel, @Dan_Huel or @Olivia_Huel on this one

Huel does not contain any nuts.

Huel does contain coconut flour and MCTs from coconuts but coconut is technically not a nut, however some people who are allergic to tree nuts (like brazil nuts) are also allergic to coconut. But others are not, it isn’t black and white and everyone is different.

@Dan_Huel are any of the products produced in a factory that handles nuts? Pretty sure it’s a no for the powder but what about RTD?

Yes, that was the question-- I saw the answer on the bars, but was looking to make sure on the RTD bottles. Coconuts are not an issue, but being processed in a place where brazil nuts are is.

Apologies. The powder and RTD are produced in nut-free facilities.

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