Huel + Branston Pickle


Um right…

We need more like these, without the puking would be nice :roll_eyes:

10/10 for enthusiasm, but really is anyone surprised this didn’t work?!

I know Tim, I know. You Huel guys are always telling us, if you want to get
your Huel right, always weigh your ingredients. D’oh.

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That’s grim! :nauseated_face:

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Havent seen the video as at work but bet you didn’t stick the pork pie in as I said to do lol.

Oh he did…

He sure did, but sadly that wasn’t the most disgusting part…

Fantastic :). I presume there is a rule that anything blended into a Huel shake, it’s still healthy and good for you? Got to try fish n chips next with mushy peas :smile:

I’m shocked no one’s tried blending beer or something even more ridiculous with Huel yet

I’ll try fish n chips the next time I have one, beer sounds good as well!

Oh dear, we’ve created a monster by the looks… :joy: