Huel breakfast & afternoon diarrhea. Connected?

Hi All,

I think the concept behind Huel is great. There seem to be many high quality ingredients in it. Lately I have been experiencing diarrheaand I’m beginning to wonder if Huel might be related.

In the mornings, I start with 2 scoops (500cal) worth of Huel blended with 2 cups of water. This has been the case for the past two months.

There was a 2 week break during which I was traveling. During this time, my stools were big and normal consistency/texture.

The 2+ weeks since I have returned from travel, I am experiencing diarrhea in the afternoons. There are no bowel movements between then and when I have had Huel in the morning. There is usually a lunch in between these, but it’s been a variety of things. Only Huel and the diarrhea seem constant.

Originally, I was thinking that the diarrhea was a result of chronic stress. In light of this revelation, I will attempt to go off of Huel for a week & see how things go. Perhaps it is not necessarily Huel, but a mixture of Huel and the stress I have been under for quite a while now - maybe the two do not mix well.

After almost a month, I have concluded that Huel dosn’t mix well with my gut. I’m disappointed because Huel seemed so promising. I wish I knew what specifically about it is causing my digestive problems…

Mate, don’t quit yet, I had exactly the same. It took about 2 months for my body to get used to it properly. Huel is the best decision I’ve made for my health, and I’ve been on it for a year now without any issues, don’t give up.

Just suggestion: did you try the ‘new’ 2.2 vs the ‘old’ 2.2?

We changed the source of calcium in v2.2 to calcium citrate and we have identified that this was reacting with the gum blend and causing clumping. To minimise the formation of lumps we have now changed the calcium source to calcium carbonate

I think that calcium citrate was causing me itch and I also read that can cause diarrhea

Ive had the diarrhea increase with the new v2.2 but didn’t get it with the old 2.2, I’ll continue with it as Im still losing weight & still have 7 bags at home. Hopefully another version will be released & cure it.

let it rest for a while before drinking. I had a lot of gas problems drinking it immediately after mixing, letting it sit in the fridge for at least 12 hours helps a lot for me.