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Hello everyone,

I’ve been a Huel consumer for 1 week and I like it a lot.
I found the website very well done and full of important information.

One of the reasons that led me to choose this product rather than other competitors is precisely the fact that behind the product there is a staff that takes care of various aspects and is not just a facade site.

But there is one thing that I did not like, all the certifications on the site at this link are old, 2011, 2015, 2016 etc.
In addition the certification concerning Cocnuts MCTS is made by a Chinese institution.

I would feel safer about the quality of the ingredients if the certifications were updated more often and if the tests of the ingredients were carried out by laboratories with European standards.

Thank you for your time.


Hi @Sukren

Thanks for raising this. The UK site is actually up-to-date, but for some reason the EU site hadn’t been updated with the UK copy so was showing ancient reports! This will be updated today and reports will be recent. Thanks for flagging this as we missed it!

Also, I’ve checked a couple of the reports and - although they are within 12 months - they could still do with more recent reports. So we’re requesting new lab tests today and the reports should be on the site in 3-4 weeks.

So, double thanks!


Thank you for this feedback.


Sorry but nothig is changed from this reply in the certificate section.
I made a check in UK and Italian section of the site.


Hi @Sukren

What specifically are you referring to as the EU site has indeed been updaed following my post 3 weeks ago?

Oats 2015 -

Pea Protein 2015 -

Rice Protein 2015 -

Flax Seeds 2015 -

Coconuts MCTS from Chinese laboratory 2011 -

Sunflower oil powder 2016 -

Heavy Metal Analisys 2017 -

Melamine Test Pea Protein 2017 -

Melamine Test Brown Rice Protein 2017 -


Hi @Sukren

Apologies, I missunderstood what you meant 3 weeks ago as, at that point, the EU page wasn’t in line with the UK page: it now is.

I will speak with the quality team and see if we can get these tests updated.



Ok thanks again.
I am worried a little bit the answer, if it is not possible to update those tests as it is possible to carry out quality checks on the production chain?

I hope the certifications are updated …

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I’m unsure if English is a native language for you but I don’t think James’ sentence was intended to be taken literally. “I’ll see if we can get something done” often means I’ll ask the relevant person to do something. It’s obviously technically possible because it was done originally.


Hello Coup.

English is not my native language, I look confident.


Nothing has changed on the Huel website in the Certifications section. They are always all old.
I checked through the site
All competing manufacturers also have their old certifications.
There is no product with certifications for the year 2018.
Considering that some people use these products as the only source of food it is incredible that we do not know if there are pollutants or not inside them.



over 450 views, nothing has changed. the company does not seem to want to consider the problem.


@JamesCollier Hi James, I’ve been reading this thread with interest. It’s now been a couple of months since @sukran first raised this as an issue and I’m wondering if there is any update on this?
I realise these tests probably take a little while to arrange, get the results back and upload the reports to the website, but it would be reassuring to know where the team are at with this.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


We are actually in the process of updating the whole page info to be even more transparent. Results and updates are on their way. As usual, what’s letting us down is lack of man-power.


Hi to everyone following this topic.

Here we are almost reaching 2019. Can someone from Huel update all certification data with 2018 information?
Since September 2018 this topic was created but left unanswered.
Probably the level of confidence the products inspires leads to this but I think plain and updated information, especially when food is concerned, is never to much.
I checked that melamine and heavy metals reports date to 2017. But the pesticides ones on Huel powder are mostly outdated (2015,2016). And since most source materials are not locally obtained ( not all ingredients European sourced ) and Huel “blends” them, I would like to see more info regarding them. In comparison many sports supplements companies take regular testing of their products ( some even in house).
Hope anyone can share/feel this concern.



Probably the certification on raw materials will never be updated unless it is provided by the original manufacturers.
In this topic there are a lot of words and a few facts.

If someone were to find an alternative powdered food where the certifications are up to date let me know, I’m interested.

Thank you


What @Julian says about managing this discussion ? :thinking:

Where are you up to with this ?

Seems quite odd to leave the “SAFETY and certification” part of the website to lapse

This is the most critical part and everyone wants to know that what they are putting in their bodies is safe and correct, especially when youre shipping some of your main ingredients from China to mix in

This topic has been up for 4 months and there is still no update, quite concerning really, its either you have some less than stellar results you dont wish to share or youre so lackadaisical you havent sorted this issue

Again, its safety and certification, the most important thing related to a food product that people consume, its quite shocking you need reminding by forum members to get such things done, and even when reminded, four months later, there is still no progress…


The page is with the proof reader and we’re waiting on one certificate. I guess we should stick it up without it.

Sorry for the delay.


Oh dear, a smart arse comment ?

Your SAFETY and QUALITY CONTROL certificates were pointed to be YEARS out of date, 2 years, 3 years and one even 7 years out of date which is shockingly bad, then you only realise once a forum member brings it to your attention, such a critical thing and 4 months down the line it STILL isnt sorted

Just wreaks of incompetence

I wouldnt be surprised if nothing is at the proof reader and youre just buying more time, i have noticed team huel do that quite a bit

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