Is Huel Kosher?

Is Huel Kosher (is that how you spell it?) Just checking for a Jewish friend at work. I’m presuming it is as it doesn’t have animal products in.

HI Tilly,

I’m certainly not an expert on Kosher but I just did a bit of research and I think it probably will be due to the fact that there is no animal products in it.


Brilliant, thanks Julian. I’ll let my friend know, I suspected so, you can’t really go wring when there’s no animal products in it can you?

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Well I think there are few additional rules for fruit, e.g the tree must not be less than three years old. And with veg and cereal they are suppose to be fully checked for insects, which sounds like a near impossible job on a large scale.

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Thanks Julian, I had a word and it seems it will be fine.

Thanks for the post.

Julian, most people have a very relaxed view on kashrut (kosher is the adjective, kashrut the noun) for fruit and veg, except for the thorough wash before consumption.

What most people would worry with huel is: does it contain dairy? does it contain animal products? has it been prepared in a factory/shop clean of animal products especially pork?

there are other considerations such as khaemtz (yeast…) for passover but that’s beyond the scope I guess…

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No to all these questions

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Also there is no yeast in Huel.

Sadly you will need a Orthodox jewish kosher certification company to verify that you do not

  1. have dairy being used in the containers during , before ect… Even in the same facility.
  2. No mean (probably not an issue)

What a company say’s doesn’t hold any weight. You see this honestly very often in the supplement and nutrition business a great deal. Athletes are getting into issues because companies are using places like China, where they have little control of what’s being done before , after and during production. Just check the UFC’s news in the past several years and you will see so many cases where people honestly are taking things that should be ok… but end up having small amounts of drugs ect…

If you where to contact the OU, STAR-K, O-K ect… they can (for a fee) verify you are 100% and vegan’s/vegetarians will also know that there is no meat/dairy.

meat not mean

Um, this thread has been dead for two years. They do not need such certification & its absence is not terribly sad. Huel either is or isn’t kosher; more than likely it is. Someone asked & James answered.

Only if Huel were making official claims that Huel is kosher & marketing it as such would certification be necessary. They aren’t.

Vegans/vegetarians already know there’s no meat or dairy in the process. It’s part of the driving reason for the existence of Huel in the first place. If you are concerned about proximity during processing, trace amounts of arbitrary materials that otherwise present no health risk or ethical issues that aren’t covered by Huel’s highly ethical process, I imagine you either need to fund certification yourself or find an alternative product.

Actually If someone keeps kosher they would not buy or eat huel because it doesn’t have a reliable kosher certification. Its sad because I would like to buy huel, but I can’t. There are some vegan’s/vegetarians who are not careful , while other’s are more careful. I was simply searching to see if its kosher, and commented about the fact that a company saying anything about a product is meaningless no many how “Highly ethical” the process is. When it comes to Kosher its a black or white issue for processed food. I hope you guys do well and if you choose to become kosher certified I’ll be happy to be customer.

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Surely what matters is complying with the rationale behind the concept? I’m not familiar with religious dietary restrictions but aiui the reasons are usually to do with health & safety or ethics. Turning this into an institutional issue of bureaucratic certification seems to miss the point but then in my experience people usually do. I respect individual spiritual needs but organised religion is little more than politics & social engineering. I could respect that, if it wasn’t for the moral bankruptcy of all religions I have so far encountered. I’m getting off topic though. Sorry.

Have you found any Huel alternatives that are certified? Just curious if any company has decided it worthwhile to target such markets.

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I’m speaking from an Orthodox jewish perspective, which for the most part is the only body of people in the jewish community that will care. Everyone has what’s important to them, but from an orthodox jewish perspective there are area’s that people are sometimes less strict and other’s where people are strict. I do not work for the CRC,OU ect… so I can’t say if there is some leniency that (some) be applied here, but personally I would not for any food processed in a factory. There is a long history of Kosher certification in the US and many cases of examples why we only purchase and eat certified food. In some cases for example beer for some is less strict because the process for a simple beer avoids any issues. Its not a care of morality, or of bureaucracy. We are very careful and if you want to tap into the population (it may not be worth it honestly) thats how you do it.


Huel would maybe better getting a vegan society certification…there are over twice as many Vegans than Jews in the Uk, and I suspect a higher proportion of vegans would use it than Jews. To be honest with you I expect Kosher certification would not be worth the cost to Huel

probably correct. I’m wondering why there isn’t one that covers both

Hey all, just want to wade in here.

All Huel Powders in the UK and Europe are certified Kosher - the Mince Pie Flavour Boost was released after certification so technically isn’t, but was produced in the same facility that conforms to all Kosher specifications.

I’ll see if I’m allowed to share the certificates, will get back to you tomorrow.


Ah we’re actually on the official Kosher website here -

So we have certification, we are on the official list, it will take several months for our packaging to update though, and we will be adding the logo to our website in December.

S’all good! We can’t lie about this as it’s probably illegal to. Hope this clears it up!



Does Huel have Kosher Certification now (in January 2020)? I see ads for it on Facebook sometimes and am interested, but no point for me if it’s not kosher. The last post from 2017 said it was under certification, but I don’t see anything on the website or photos of the packaging.