Is Huel Hot and Savoury Kosher?

I know there has been talk about this in the past few years, and I have read the other posts about this, but it has been quiet for a years or so.

Is there any update on whether the Huel Hot and Savoury range is kosher or not. And will it be getting certification like the rest of the Huel range.


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There was a fairly recent post about it. Huel doesn’t expect h and s to be Kosher accredited until the second half of this year


This was the post :blush:

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Thanks, I must have missed the post about it. At least it in the works for this year.

Thanks for the link. Do you know if they will be gradually certified throughout the year? Or all in one go in the 2nd half of 2022.

Hi there! Is there an updated timeline for when the kosher H&S will roll out (seeing as it’s Q3 2022 now)?

I curious and want to know what is it about Huel that wouldn’t make it Kosher.
None of the Huel range has any meat or dairy so there’s zero chance of it having any meat or dairy in it. In my simplistic view, that means it’s definitely not unkosher (not sure what the correct term is).
What part of any of the Huel processing would lead you to believe that it could possibly not be kosher?

Kosher is not just about meat and dairy, it also includes Pareve ingredients (a neutral product – such as plant based ingredients) and to be certified, these products also need to comply with the rules including where and how they are shipped, manufactured and packed. Whilst its true that something that is already certified as Vegan would technically comply with all these rules – some people would still not eat them without them being certified – just in the same way that some people who eat vegan or halal food wouldn’t buy a product unless it had some sort of official certification or testing.

Hey @gidkid , RTD and both Bars are, but unfortunately our other products are not. This is because of movement and talks with our co-manufacturers. Over the past couple of years everything has been a struggle in the food industry in terms of manufacturing and logistics so kosher certification has slipped down our priority list while we ensure and improve our supply and delivery times.

The good news is that means certification is still on our to-do list. I’m not going to give a timeframe for when this will be done but we will let you know when any products become certified.

There’s more to it than that! Audits and visits to our factories are required by accredited bodies and a few other steps on top of it too.

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Yes, I get certification takes a lot. I’m just wondering why an item that doesn’t have any any of the products which would deem it to be unkosher, made in a factory that never stores any of those ingredients would need the certification.

Maye it’s to do with the suppliers and if their processes are Kosher?

Just because an ingredient or process meets Kosher requirements on paper, doesn’t make it kosher, it’s not like being allergen-free for example. Part of Kosher is the certification process, you can find out more here.

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Ok, thanks for the link

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Hey Dan!
It’s been a while since this thread last saw an update.
Do you know if there are any news about H&S’s certification process?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @itsjustme I’m really sorry but I don’t have any new updates for you. We will let you know when anything changes.

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