Is Huel Kosher?

That would explain it, i imagine much like the gluten free situation of it can be argued that huel is gluten free but the certification is what makes it? :slight_smile:

Makes sense though, definitely keeps the company in safer standings to with customer bases, thanks Tim :slight_smile:

As a mashgiach in a Factory I would like to point out that no not all products require a kosher certification, for example Any and all unflavored pasta made in a factory that only makes pasta does not need a kosher certification, Unflavored coffee and Black, Green teas do not need a kosher certification. There are some that say All natural crushed tomato’s don’t require as well, Mushrooms that are not canned and so on.

So back to huel, if they use ingredients that require extensive cleaning and such, like romane or iceberg lettuce cabbage, strawberries with the green top, (Rasberries might be a problem) And grapes or some really exotic berries as not all may be kosher then One must be weary and find the cleaning process, if your local competent rabbi approves of the system and the berries then go for it, (presuming they don’t have a certification) ( Jewish consumers do your due diligence on the ingredients) it’s not the manufactures job to be kosher its our job to keep kosher.

Good day.

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Thanks Jonathan! This is a really helpful insight.

My pleasure, if anything let me know. :+1:

Thank you for keeping this thread active for people like me to find! I checked the KLBD site and I see the Kosher products on the list. My question is, as a consumer in the U.S. is there a way I can place an order and have the items come from a certified facility in the U.K. and not a non-certified one in the U.S.? Thanks!

There isn’t an option that we provide, no. However I’m sure that there is a way to do it out there. The good news is that we are working on getting our v3.0 and Black Edition powders Kosher certified in the USA too as well as getting Hot & Savoury certified everywhere. The even better news is that our Ready-to-drink and Bars are Kosher certified, so you can enjoy these :blush:

Is that in UK and USA, as at start of thread it says you were in process of doing so in UK a year ago?

Thank you for the quick response, that’s great! Looking forward to trying the H&S, I don’t suppose you have a timeframe on when that may happen?

That’s for the UK and the USA! :raised_hands:

@Chaimss I don’t have a time frame for you, sorry about that, but once we know I will update this thread!

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Hi, just wanted to follow up on the Kosher status of H&S? Thanks!

Thanks for following up Chaim! H&S is still not certified as Kosher, I think it will likely be around the second half of 2022 that all flavours are certified.

So sorry to comment on something six years old (!) but I see James answered ‘no’ here. Does that mean Huel is manufactured alongside animal products? Or was this back then? Is there an update here?


Hi Em,

No don’t worry, the answer to that question 6 years ago was “yes” and that hasn’t changed. It was a little weirdly worded to have 2 answers needing a no and 1 a yes that’s all!

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I hate to be ‘that guy’ but saw this thread pop up and thought I’d ask! Cheers for clarifying it for us!

Been waiting so patiently:)

Q3 2022 (July 13)

Is Huel certified kosher in the USA?

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Hey, RTD and both Bars are, but unfortunately our other products are not. This is because of movement and talks with our co-manufacturers. Over the past couple of years everything has been a struggle in the food industry in terms of manufacturing and logistics so kosher certification has slipped down our priority list while we ensure and improve our supply and delivery times.

The good news is that means certification is still on our to-do list. I’m not going to give a timeframe for when this will be done but we will let you know when any products become certified.

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Hi! You wrote above that huel has is kosher certified in the UK and EU. Just want a clarification, if I buy huel from the Swedish website. Is that also certified? Or just made in the same way as in uk. Just want to know before I buy it. Thanks!

Hi Rebecca, yes Huel bought through the Swedish website is the same :slight_smile:

Hi Dan!

If I may, I believe what Rebecca wishes to know specifically is whether the products in Sweden carry the KLBD stamp of approval and are literally the same products you would buy in the UK, which is a bit unclear from your answer, which may be misconstrued as the products being made in the same way but not at the same supervised factory.

Also, many many thanks to you all for the efforts made to appeal to us niche market!

Can’t wait for the US stock to be certified as well!

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Hey, thanks for clarifying. The products are literally the same as you would buy in the UK.

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