Huel Certification

They have time to launch a new product.
It is very likely that there is no quality control, at most some flavor checks.
They probably can not provide a certificate because they would not fit in the security parameters
It is not so difficult to take a sample from a production batch and take it to an analysis laboratory

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Interesting comments from someone who has only just joined this forum and made one post …:thinking:


It’s probably @hunzas trolling again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just kidding

I have noticed this before when someone just appears out the blue and makes a first post like this, it does make you think.:thinking:


Lol don’t you love em… Do you work for another company and jealous of Huel and want to bring them down…

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There was no ‘smart arse’ comment. I would never do such a thing as that would be unprofessional of me. I do not know why you feel my comment was ‘smart arse’, but if it came across that way, I apologise.

I was merely agreeing with you that it’s been too long and we should put the page live asap even if it doesn’t have the full information yet, then add to it.

(Not sure where you got 7 years from - we’re only 3.5 years old).

We’re doing a lot - maybe too much - so I accept that this isn’t good enough.

Few companies actually would put such information live. This demonstrates that if you try to be transparent as a company, not keeping up-to-date isn’t good enough.


It came across as a professional, reassuring answer to me.
I’ve found Huel as a company, and their staff to be nothing but professional and transparent.


Lol brilliant


Do you need a proof reader? It is reeks…


It seems to me that this discussion is turning into a fanboy war. Try to be objective.


I will be objective.

No other company prints half the amount of information Huel do. If you look at all the guides, articles, nutritional advice, recipes, breakdown of the product (ie, what percentage vitamins and minerals come from the ingredients, what percent are added), where in the world the ingredients are sourced, the certification of said ingredients etc. No other company comes close to this amount of information and transparency.

So yes, the certificates are out of date and yes, it shouldn’t have gone on this long. Huel clearly need more resource in areas like this and customer service but they are still a young company and they will get the manpower up. But if they did what every other company does and didn’t share any of this kind of information then none of this would be happening. They could just turn around and say we’re not going to share this information anymore. We all buy food from countless other companies and have no clue on the testing procedures and do not get the certificates shared with us.

Hopefully everybody has learned a bit from this thread and the updated certificates will make it online this coming week.


The problem is another. It is true that normally there is not much information for the food we eat.
But for this type of food just because they aim to replace traditional food and become a possible single source of sustenance it is important that there are cyclical checks.

That’s all.


You make a good point


It is a good point but most people chowing on their KFC buckets and BigMacs and Dominoes pizzas don’t ask for the same diligence. It shows that Huel consumers have more awareness.


I was gonna say yeah but people don’t eat fried chicken as 80% of their diet… oh but wait… I personally know more people that DO have an 80% fried chicken or mcds diet, as opposed to a Huel diet. But then those people really really don’t care what they are eating as long as it tastes good (although does it really??)


i have no idea. I have never eaten a KFC, a BigMac, a Wendy"s, a Wimp,y a Burgerking, a Dominoes. If I went a fast food I’ll have Huel. There’s a new strapline @Tim_Huel

Wimpy’s spicy beanburgers were the bees-knees. Do Wimpys still exist anywhere in the world? They all got taken over by mcds and burger kings and kentuckys back in the mid 80s in Bristol.
I remember finding a random one in a tiny Cornish village once in the 90s which was a bit wierd. But I had to treat myself to the beanburger and it was as good as ever.
They toasted the freshly made buns in what looked like a domestic 4-slice toaster, and washed and chopped the iceberg lettuce and beef tomatoes in front of you on the counter.
It was still fast. And it was damn good food.

The rest of them, I have no words


Guys, I live in Italy, with us the quality of food is very much taken into consideration :slight_smile:


Obviously not Venice, where shit = food

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Racial problems towards Italians?

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Nope, have you been to Venice, they don’t have such pride in their food as other places.