Huel Certification


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First i assume 42 is your age and you have started a sentence with lol …

Secondly to address the poor point you made… so i bring up VALID points about huels YEARS out of date safety certificates for a product we are all putting in our body which impacts directly on our health and instead of thinking, “oh yeah he has a good point” you try and accuse me of being a rival competitor, that is just so stupid and short sighted

Cant expect much of a grown man who starts his sentences with lol though i suppose


Been too long ? 6 months or so is too long when it comes to health and safety, years out of date is a joke

I obviously got 7 years from the OP who posted a link which was for your MCTs which is from 2011…

If you are claiming to be a health food, and saying we are better than this and that, which i see frequently by the huel team, then of course you should back it up. If you cant even show the items in your product are at a safe standard then how can you say your product is healthy and should be chosen as a superior alternative to anything else ?

A new safety check may reveal the oats which are 40+% of your product have unsafe levels of pesticides for example, then all of a sudden huel isnt so healthy is it …

Youre making a product for human consumption that people buy to be healthy. These checks should be paramount and done religiously not just as and when you can be bothered.

Doesnt inspire much confidence in the brand really


You say no other company in this market print half the information huel do, that may be true, but no other company gets our money. We buy from here because of the transparency and we care about our health. If huel did do what you suggest and say ‘right we arent printing this information anymore’ then what do they have over their competitors ? Not too much, and people would just go for the much cheaper alternatives

You say huel are a young company and will get their man power up, why what are they waiting for ? They have been operational for 3.5 years and have conservatively turned over £40 million pounds (website says sold over 30 million meals X their lowest per meal cost). To lack man power just seems cheap, plus what man power does it even take to organise some product tests, they have had it done before so the method to do it is already there, just repeat the process, send a few emails etc its hardly building a new production plant. Just seems like excuses when they suggest they havent updated certificates due to manpower …

But yes i look forward to seeing the certificates and having peace of mind that what im consuming is as healthy as i think it is


I’m getting a bit bored of some people getting overly impatient and irate about this.

  1. This issue was first raised exactly 3 months ago. The majority of the concerns raised were in relation to the information on the eu web-page being incorrect / out of date. The UK page was more up to date.
    Huel updated the EU page the very next day.

  2. 2 months ago the issue with testing and certificates of each ingredients was specified as a concern (thank you @Sukren for being so vigilant and thorough) as a few were dated 2017, and one 2016. I think we can all relate to this concern and would like the product tested regularly, especially as @Sukren pointed out, this food can form a very large percentage of our daily, weekly, monthly intake, so any undesirable ingredients could be accumulated in the body over time.
    The very next day Huel spoke to the Quality team about this, with a view to getting any testing / certification requirements organised.
    N.B I don’t know, as I don’t work for Huel, but having worked in very similar environments, not having up-to-date certificates on the web-page does not necessarily automatically mean that no quality testing is done on a very regular basis, and often safety and quality and the suppliers’ own certification and history of good practice and good sourcing, is one of the main considerations when buying in the ingredients. @JamesCollier could maybe reassure us on this.

  3. 29 days ago:

Huel updated us that they have been working on this over the last 4 weeks and are now currently in the process of up-dating the web-page.
Some people read this as being fobbed off.
I read this as them having addressed the issue immediately and now they just need to put all the information on the web-page, which is planned to give even more information then before, not just have a few new certificates uploaded.
All this takes time! I really do understand (and share) everyone’s concerns about what is going into my body. Anyone who is really really concerned could always stop consuming / ordering Huel until the info they want is public. I personally am happy to continue consuming it for now, as I believe them when they say the testing has been done and they are now working on getting the information up on the website. Maybe I’m too trusting. But, having worked in similar environments, this really does take time! One month since approaching the quality team to then working on updating the product page, indicates to me they are taking this seriously and are actually working on it.

  1. 3 days ago, we are informed that the web-page is now complete and with the proof-reader, but they are also still waiting on just one certificate (probably out of their control).

So, from my perspective:
-Most of the certificates were only 1 year out of date. Not great. But not terrible either.
-It took them one month to arrange and complete all the work required to get new testing, information and certificates.
-It’s taken one more month for them to put all this new information onto a new web-page. And are now proof-reading and making final touches ! The delay has been partly down to the wait for one certificate.
-Each update they’ve given us shows they have been taking this seriously and have been working on it and making progress.
-The last update literally only 3 days ago implies we will receive this info in the imminent future.

So, I’m not getting myself worked up into a fury about how this isn’t good enough.
@Sukren raised very valid concerns.
@JamesCollier addressed them immediately and put into place everything that needed to be done to rectify this asap.

It’s only been two months.
Yes, we would all have liked this info immediately. But to be fair they have a vast amount of info that IS available immediately, which increases my confidence in this company.
And hopefully all the work they have been doing this last 8 weeks will have included putting on-going processes into place to ensure this info can now be updated on a regular basis, with a lot less work than has had to go into it this time.

All that said, if we are still waiting for the new web-page in February, I will eat my words and not my Huel.


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Huel wasn’t around 7 years ago, as James said it’s only 3.5 years old, that was funny what you said. Lol


Adopting the old eye for an eye method of retaliation i see

Totally incorrect, the VAST majority were 3 years out of date, all the pesticides results were atleast 3 years out barring one that was 2 years out of date. Everything else important is out of date also, heavy metals check out of date by a year plus etc

If you owned the company and knew this was out date (only because a stranger had to alert you to realise) do you think it would take 90 days to organise the results ?. You would immediately get your staff to arrange testing, get the stuff tested and get the results. Should be no more than 21 days max, to turn that around and simply upload the odfs onto the website. There is nothing difficult or arduous involved

We are now on day 90 and counting and id bet its only being expedited due to the fuss being made. Now apparently the “proof reader” (likely James himself) has had the certificates in his possession for 4 days now how long does it take to proof read a few certificates for spelling mistakes, as if thats even a big deal

Nice to see everyone is on the same page about the valid concerns such as huel not doing any safety checks on their ingredients for 3 years, not testing for heavy metals etc we just differ on the idea that you think this information still not being updated 90 days later constitutes the response being “immediate”


Simple minds are easily amused, and ive already shown why i said 7 years Huel has provided a certificate 7 years out of date

Stop conversing with me

Lets keep this topic on track


@Hugh_Ler there is no need to keep attacking people personally, please keep the discussion friendly.
And I don’t mean me - I fully expected you to rant at me for putting my own perspective across and that’s fine, we each have our own opinion on the situation.



I’m locking this. I’m not locking this to ‘duck out’ of the debate; I’m locking it because it’s become rude and negative from a couple of people - we don’t want that here.

I’ll start a new topic when we have the page updated and you can then form your own judgments as to how transparent we’re being.