Huel Complete Protein Bar in the U.S

Any idea when any of these might be back in stock?

When I first got these bars I didn’t like them. I ate them because I saw no sense in letting them go to waste. But they grew on me and became my go-to snack between lunch and dinner. I’m sad that I’ve run out and can’t order more.

You might be better off posting on the US Huel forum. This forum is for everywhere else.

Hey Stephen, sorry about this. It’s difficult to say when they will be back, but hopefully soon. However, when they are, definitely subscribe to them. When we put things out of stock on the website, whenever we can, we will retain enough stock to continue fulfilling subscriptions (current active subs, not just people who have subscribed before). So that means no matter how far apart you have set your subscriptions you should still get yours delivered.

Obviously there are instances when we can’t do that, but that is what we strive for. Hope it’s helpful.

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