Huel Complete Protein dosage

Can I take 2 doses of Huel Complete Protein per day?
Is it safe?

Depends on your protein intake during the day, if you’re already at a maximum amount with food, I would say no.
If that is the only source of proteins you have, 2 might be a bit too low

Hey André, welcome to the forum!

Yes you can, if you’re looking to build muscle you might find it better to have the 2 scoops at different times of the day.

I wouldn’t say this is a concern. 2 scoops is only 40g which is the same amount of protein as 400kcal of Black Edition, If protein intake is really really high, for the average person it’s not going to cause anything more than gut issues.

Well, if OP is already above 1.5g-2g proteins per 1kg of body weight, I wouldn’t recommend having 2 additional scoops of proteins a day :slight_smile:
See here
And here

Thanks Luca. The first study is to do with chronic kidney disease, as I said we’re talking about the average person here. The second study also states the findings relate to those with a high risk of kidney disease.

Even so, we cover high protein intake concerns at the bottom of this article. Let me know what you think!

That’s why I started with this in my comment :slight_smile:
We can’t assume OP is average person!


and perhaps without, they focus on people with the disease, but not necessarily :slight_smile:
Didn’t want to discourage OP to take two doses of Proteins, just letting him know that it might not be so useful as he thinks it is :slight_smile: