Huel complete subscription

I can’t seem to purchase a subscription to the level I need it

How much are you trying to buy?


I want to buy a lifetime supply

How long you gonna live? It is best used within a year.

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Why? Just buy like a year at a time

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For your bunker?


I want to setup a Subscription service so if get all my supplies delivered, a complete personalised service of my fuel/Huel requirements that matches my macro nutrient requirements, delivered with my personisled Huel shaker

You’ve come to the right place, Do you want a gold or silver shaker, and what name do you need engraved on it?

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Good Please, “Captain”on mine!

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You should get the Platinum subscription. A specially bred “Huel boy” arrives on a hoverboard thrice daily, bearing a perfectly mixed Huel in a jewelled goblet. These boys were engineered without souls. They feel no pain or exhaustion so can deliver perfect Huels 24/7 until they expire. They are also fully recyclable.


Balls. I missed that on the subs tab. Is there a transgender version?

Coming in 2.0.

As a TERF I will boycott Huel then.

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Is it a drone delivery? That would be cool, also is the hover board carbon neutral?

The whole point of this is that it will save the planet ! The more Huel that is consumed then the less of all the other food that is consumed, food that is non vegan and has a high carbon footprint !

Subscription is better delivered at intervals that suit then there is a commitment to full provision

What’s a terf?

They’re a trendy modern version of twentieth century queer bashers. They’ll be in history’s dustbin in a couple of decades but for now they’re quite full of themselves.

I don’t think @hunzas really is one, he’s just doing a bit.


Huel Boys are a type of drone yes. In the same way worker bees are.

Hover boards are very very polluting, but the Huel Boys absorb pollution as part of their design. It’s why their lifespan is so limited.


Still not sure quite what your after there captain. How much huel do you want and how often do you want it?