Huel diet 24.5lb now lost Thanks Huel

Just completed week 8 of my Huel diet have now lost a total of 24.5lbs as of Saturday will be going on a 3 week holiday.I am obviously going to gain some of the weight back but knowing how easy this has been gives me confidence of shedding anything gained fairly quickly when i return.

Thanks Huel

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Okay so I need more information!! How did you diet using Huel? A 100% Huel lifestyle or a couple of meals? Can you tell us how much weight you needed to lose and how you felt doing it?


Yes 100% huel 6 scoops per day normally 2 shakes 3 scoops each.I also had tea and coffee with semi skimmed milk average calorie intake of around 1300 per day.
If I was having a long day I would have 3 shakes 2 scoops each.
I am male age 49 5ft 7" starting weight 13 stone 10lb ended up at 12st .05 no exercise.
I want to get down to 10st 7 eventually but that’s on hold while I go on hols can’t go all inclusive and drink huel so start again on return.
I felt fine on huel no lack of energy and very rarely hungry although had a few moments ,but overall if anything I have felt better not having some of the rubbish I ate and no alcohol.
Hope that helps and best of luck if your going for it.