Week 6 Huel only diet 19.5lb lost

Just completed week 6 huel only diet now lost a total of 19.5lb no significant side effects and going well now onto week 7.


Hi there,

what was your daily routine? how many scoops/shake did you have a day?

want to go 100% but trying to calculate what i should realistically order to do so.


Hi Lee

I have 6 scoops per day i normally have 2 shakes 3 scoops each ,on longer days i tend to split it into 3 shakes 2 scoops each.
Average calorie intake is around 1300 this is normally made up by the milk i have in my tea and coffee I have just completed week 7 and lost another 2lb this week so now lost a total of 21.5lb the first 2 weeks seemed the hardest for me but my wife who is also on it found them easier than me.
I dont go to the gym or exercise if i did i would probably add another couple of scoops on the days that i exercised.
If you dont have milk you could go with more scoops but try to stick to around 1300 on your calorie intake.
Good luck with it but i can definitely say it works if you can stick to it and i rarely feel hungry.

This is inspiring! I’m currently on holiday and determined to go full huel when I get home to drop the weight I’ve gained over the last couple of years. I’ve dabbled with huel for a year now so hopefully I’m ready to take the plunge. For me, it’s the ease of calorie counting

Best of luck its certainly the best way i have ever found and have tried many diets it helps using myfitnesspal app to count the calories.My wife who is now also using Huel has been losing 2lb a week average and finding it fairly easy.