Huel during chemotherapy

I’ve not long had my 1st round of chemo (2nd time round in 4 years) and was wondering if Huel would be okay to use? I’ve been a Hueler for 2 years now and think it’s a great product, I’ve currently got 4 bags sitting unopened. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello Cara - a quick search through the old forum posts shows there are quite a few people on or post chemo using Huel and feeling better for it. Obviously everyone reacts differently to each other so I would suggest you start off lightly to see how it goes. Good luck with the treatment - I know from past experience how much it sucks.


Hi @coconuttree - hope you’re feeling better.

Yes, Huel will be fine to use, in fact it will be a great source of nutrition if you’re appetite has not been so good.

Huel is advertised For people on the go.

Old people and illness is not sexy but Huel is a an amazing supplement for those who have lost appetite and often weight. The prescribed supplements like Ensure are not as good as Huel . Those whose health is on a bit of a knife edge can really benefit but they look at the blurb and there is nothing about cancer, illness or the elderly. For those in lockdown who are vulnerable Huel could be a lifesaver as deliveries can be difficult.

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and? what was the point you were trying to make to me?

Thanks for the replies. I am going to start off with 1 tomorrow and up it to 2 the following Monday as I find my mouth starts to hurt 4-5 days post treatment and taste buds go haywire.

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yes I remember those same issue - good luck and keep well.

There is a vast untapped market of elderly and /or infirm who could benefit from Huel but the literature does not mention this