Huel and Blood Cancer

My Huel experience is probably fairly unique on this forum, but it may help someone else. Back in 2006, I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. Shock Horror because I was very fit and healthy, big into all sorts of sports and a healthy eater! Nearly a vegetarian. But I knew something was wrong. I was given a prognosis of 6 months to two years.

Following three months of intensive chemotherapy, I underwent a stem cell transplant and then 6 months recovery. I relapsed in 2013 and went through the chemo/stem cell transplant process again but this time 12 months recovery. You never fully recover. Both times eating was extremely difficult, horrid taste, difficult to swallow, couldn’t keep anything down, huge weight loss, bowel problems, etc, etc.

Four years ago I saw a Huel advert. So, knowing that I would relapse again at some time I hit on the idea that a liquid, balanced, nutrient rich food might help. Drinking was always a lot easier than eating. So I decided to try it and at least get my body used to it, even if only once a day. Inevitably, in 2019 I relapsed again but this time I was put on a different chemo regime, which I am still on.

For me, Huel has been a game changer and I also use some of the Hot & Savoury bags. I think it has helped regulate my digestion, I sleep better, is easy to prepare, helps me keep my liquid intake up (I make it very watery), etc, etc, and I assume it helps on the nutrient side of things. Plus, during lockdown and shielding for me, it has provided me with a ready supply of food when I couldn’t get out to shop.

Clearly, it is not going to help manage my illness but it has made life a lot easier on the food side as eating healthily and exercise is important to manage my illness. When I am well enough I hike a lot so a shaker full of Huel always goes with me. In fact, in 2018, I hiked all around Sri Lanka for a month with a bag of Huel powder in my rucksack.

Hopefully, by sharing this experience, it may help someone else or even someone that a forum member knows who is struggling with food, following a cancer diagnosis.


Wow! Hats off to you for all the amazing things you are doing, Anthony, despite your diagnosis/prognosis. So glad you have found that Huel products help. Please keep us posted!

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Welcome! I, too, use Huel as a source of ‘easy-to-Eat/easy-to-digest’ nutrients. I had emergency major bowel surgery in January 2018, ending up with a permanent ileostomy/colostomy stoma having had the Transverse Colon removed.

Liquid nutrients when you are lactose intolerant are hard to come by, so Unsweetened/Unflavoured Black powder is ideal to add the 26 nutrients and a balanced protein source to porridge or soup or even liquidised vegetables.

I actually have a subscription to the coffee caramel nutrition bars, with the occasional bag of UU Black as I don’t use it fast enough to make it worth subscribing to the powder.

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