Cancer victims use of Huel

I have had two lots of Nasopharyngeal Cancer since 2011. This is a very rare Cancer in the Western World and is located in the upper throat/nasal space. Last September I had brain surgery to remove what was thought to be more Cancer. It was only dead cells produced by the area that had been treated with Radiotherapy the 2nd time. This Radiotherapy has also caused dammage to my jaw muscule. This limits my mouth opening to a few millimetres. This means that I am living on a liquid diet. This is where Huel has come in. I’m recovering very well from treatment and I am still Cancer free. Huel plays a very active part in my liquid diet in ultra healthy smoothies. It has been very good indeed and a feel great! Thanks very much Huel… C


Glad to hear you’re feeling great on Huel. I also had cancer two years ago, and have been on chemotherapy since. Huel certainly makes me feel healthier and saves a whole lot of time & money compared to preparing fresh nutrient rich food

I had to have part of my intestines removed during surgery, and many people with the same cancer as me have to have partial stomach resections. This leads to having to learn to ‘eat’ again and I often think Huel would work wonders in these situations

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Thank you for telling us about your experience, Ciaran. I can’t imagine how hard the last 6 years have been for you but it’s great that Huel has been of some help during recent times. Thank you for choosing Huel.

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Hi @Ciaran - really pleased to hear Huel has been helpful for you. I do know of a few other (post/)cancer patients who have found Huel beneficial too.

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