I've Got Issues - Will Huel Work for Me?

I’ve got a few issues (haven’t we all!) that have pushed me back to looking at Huel - I say ‘back’ as I first used it back in 2015 to eat healthy whilst working and dealing with cancer… It was ok but I still loved at that point in time.

Fast forward to now, the cancer is gone but I’m left with long-term side effects from the surgery:

  1. Surgery was extensive and, its likely, I sustained some nerve damage, which has left me with a rapidly emptying stomach (scans show 92% empty after 30 minutes)
  2. Hypos from the above are unpleasant too.
  3. Part of my ileum was removed to form a conduit from my kidneys, as a result I have Bile Acid Malabsorption which is treated with Cholestagel tablets (the powder form didn’t agree with me - sweetener?)
  4. Now top it off with a dose of Linaclotide (think Cholera in a tablet and you get the idea) to keep the pipes clear!

After several years of these issues developing/worsening I’m at the point where I hate food/eating and the whole bodily process it triggers!! To ‘manage’ this, my gastro consultant recommended at least 10 small meals a day… so I wondered if Huel powder would be a good choice for the bulk of my calories?

Would be great to hear from any of the Huel team or others in a similar position.


Hi @JC6

Welcome back to Huel. Great to hear your cancer has gone but sounds like you’ve still got alot going on!

What I’m getting is that dumping-syndrome-induced hypos and fat malabsorption are your biggest issues. Huel products that may help are regular Powder, Hot & Savoury and Complete Protein. I would avoid Huel Black Edition and RTDs due to the proportionally larger fat content.

One idea might be one scoop of regular Huel Powder and one scoop of Complete Protein for a could of meals ber day - this is roughty 300kcal per serving. Another meal or two, could be one scoop of Hot & Savoury. These are low GI so should be fine with your hypos. Indeed, as the H&S are made with hot water which may help delay gastric emptying a little - useful for you.

However, I suggest starting slowly - say one Huel meal a day for 2-3 day - and assessing how you feel. Then increase by one meal every few days.

I’d be really interested in hearing how you get on :slight_smile:


Hi @JamesCollier, many thanks for the reply and suggestions, it really is appreciated.

I forgot to mention that I’m frequently on courses of broad spectrum antibiotics due to kidney infections - Does Huel have any probiotic benefits or shall I carry on with a portion of Skyr in the morning?

Just need to choose some flavours… you only had vanilla before!

There are probiotics in Huel Powders and the products are rich in prebiotic fibres. However, if you’re finding your morning Skyr beneficial, I’d carry on with it, too.

Flavours: back in 2015 we did indeed only have Vanilla - that vanilla is actually our ‘Original’ flavour. We have loads of great new flavours to try! (Personal fave: Banana!)

Hi @JamesCollier,

Just wanted to thank you again for your help - I’m nearly 3 weeks in with Huel and so far it’s been a life changer! I’m still building up the daily intake and tweaking things (I take the powder/protein mix quite thick due to fluids rattling through me even faster than solid food) but otherwise I’ve had ZERO issues.

Seriously, a life changing product :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Hey @JC6

That’s really great to hear. Keep keeping us posted and let us know if you have any other queries :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you are free from cancer @JC6!!!

I met with an accident a year ago. My leg had a massive wound. So I was admitted to the hospital, and the doctor recommended immediate surgery. The pain was immense. But I hope that it will be all fine after the surgery. After three weeks of post-surgery, my stitches started to be infectious. I was not able to move my leg. Again I was admitted to the hospital, and the doctor said that the infection was horrible and I needed to restitch the wound. I’m not able to explain my situation. I need to go again through the same phase. I would say these sutures saved my life. Everything was fine after one month, even though there were only fewer scars.

Dont lose hope. Everything will be better one day!!!

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