Bowel Disorder


I have suffered from a bowel disorder ( bile acid malabsorption) for some time now and I’m hoping that Huel, will help my bowel to heal. I have just ordered my first batch.

Has anyone else used Huel for the same reason and seen any benefits?



Hello and welcome to Huel and the forum :slightly_smiling_face: ,I have suffered with really bad acid reflux and bowel problems for some time.

I would be lucky if in went to the toilet once a week and had some accidents with the ibs very embarrassing.
It used to be very loose as well

When I started I did get a nasty acid spike two or so days in , but stuck with it and pushed through and reading this I’ve just realised in haven’t suffered with acid for weeks now at all and I used to be Always be taking ranitadine or Rennie’s.

I’m more regular now, but had some explosive days at the start.

My tip is get a blender asap or its v lumpy which I hated.

They also do a flavour boost sample pack thing cheap so you can try them my fave was mint chocolate hummers xx

I posted about my experience in this thread warts and all.

You can read if you like, be prepared in case you get these things BUT obviously be aware not everyone does I went too deep into the program all at once.
They recommend easing into it.

Hi Emma

Thanks for replying to my post very much appreciated.

I really hope the Huel works as I’ve tried everything else from the fod map diet to questran sachets from my doctor.

I can’t do anything anymore without the fear of urgently having to go to the toilet after a meal.

Fingers crossed this stuff helps!:+1:t2:


No problem you may well get more replies post weekend :slight_smile: just be aware toilet may get worse before better but no way to tell xx

Hi! Oh my goodness I have BAM too! I find Huel really helpful with it :slight_smile:

Happy to give my experience so far and how it effected my symptoms if that helps

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Hi Sarah

Yes that would be great thanks. Are you using Huel for every meal and has it made much of a difference?


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I’ve been off and on it for a while. I always feel way better when I replace most of my meals. In the beginning I would get bloated and really windy but it settles. Solid food triggers me massively but liquid food doesn’t seem too :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t know if that’s the ingredients or the liquid itself
I don’t take meds for it, the questran is vile stuff and that left me with immodium to slow things down enough to make it to the loo ( apols for tmi)

Does that help? X

Thanks Sarah

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How are you getting along Ross? Really hope that Huel can help in some way. It seems like a few here have had positive experiences so fingers crossed for you. Let us know if we can help at all.

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Hi Tim

Thanks for the message. Just started taking Huel yesterday evening and body seems to be tolerating it well on the first go.

Just easing myself into it as recommended on the instructions. It’s really filling and not too bad at all. I will try having it at least once everyday for the first couple of weeks and see how I get on.

Fingers crossed it will be benificial, I’ve tried everything else with no success so here’s hoping!