Plethora of side-effects and problems.....or not?

I’ve been using Huel for the last seven weeks (2 x 3scoops vanilla Huel per day with 600mL water + either cheapo coffee and mocha, or matcha and banana flavour systems).
Most nights I read through a bunch of Huel forum posts (insomnia) and think that I’m atypical of most posters in that;

  1. It mixes fine in the free shaker; no lumps and all I do is add water first then the other stuff in a random order, often then leaving it half way through to check phone/pet the dog/find socks before shaking it reasonably vigorously for about 15 seconds max. Fridge overnight. 5 second re-shake before drinking.

  2. Tastes good; I can adjust the sweetness up or down with coffee or banana.

  3. Texture good; I can adjust the viscosity with more / less water.

  4. Despite going straight in with two Huel a day my bowels are fine (although I did have surgery seven weeks ago so the codeine may have lessened the pooing impact!)

  5. Huel doesn’t make me feel like gipping - not even the first one.

  6. The shaker has not leaked, broken or exploded.

  7. No mystery aches and pains to blame on Huel.

Either I’m very lucky or I have low standards :laughing: Tbh if I’d read all the forum posts beforehand I wouldn’t have ordered Huel at all - so many gripes!

Actually, I do have a couple of ‘complaints’ - One is that I’ve never had great skin and it’s decidedly worse since starting my Huel regime. The other is the dye from the shaker coming off on my hand so that the company name is now Huc.
I’ve read post on both these issues and am surprised at the number of people who sound so disappointed or cross about having similar (non)problems! Neither is enough to make me drop my newly found decent nutrition and convenience of meal prep. I do think that we’ve become a society that expects perfect solutions; there’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection but trade-offs on the way there are a fact of life.

So, in conclusion…Go Huc :+1:


It’s important to ignore the noisy minority :wink:

Grumpy people like to make a lot of noise. Happy people just go about their day and don’t make a big fuss.