Huel: A positive review!

So, before I bought Huel, I trawled through this forum and honestly it might have put me off trying (poop thread anyone?). I just wanted to add a positive review to counteract some of the negatives.

Background, I’m a freelance dance artist with very irregular working hours and a fairly constant ‘on-my-feet’ level of activity. I run up to 5k 3 or 4 times a week.

  1. Taste. If you’ve had protein shakes before, this will likely be more pleasant. If you haven’t, it might take some getting used to, but I’ve grown to really enjoy it. Tastes like slightly grainy porridge. Top tip, I’ve been adding beanies flavoured instant coffee (amaretto) which is taaaaasty.

  2. Convenience. A biggie for me. Having spent hours on Sundays meal prepping healthy plant based lunches for the week, I know how to make healthy food but honestly, CBA. I’ve got better things to do with my weekends. Quickly assemble my shake, and off I go.

  3. Minimal washing up. I HATE WASHING UP

  4. Satiety. I feel totally full until my next meal. I went down to two scoops because 3 was just too much. And I don’t have that awful bloated, heavy sugar spike afterwards. If I have the luxury of time, it’s nice to sip it throughout the day.

  5. Poops. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to report. If anything, guts improved. I started with a week of just breakfast, and moved onto breakfast and lunch. Though, I had about 80% plant based diet before so it might not have been as much of a shock to my system

  6. Weight loss. I don’t have scales in my house, so can’t crunch numbers, but my clothes fit better and I feel leaner, less bloated and flabby. Which is good enough for me. It does make calorie counting a far more simple exercise, and I know I’m getting a more well rounded meal than if I tried to make a 300cal meal with regular food.

  7. The free shaker works fine. It’s free. I added a shaker ball, and have no problems with lumps. As long as you add water first, and then the powder, I’ve not had any problems.

  8. The t shirt feels well made, and it’s so nice to find a company willing to offer a female fit.

  9. I’ve had no problems with tiredness, nausea, or any other issues other have experienced. Lucky me.

  10. I don’t have regular meal times, ever. I’m often teaching when normal people get to eat, so I can get my nutrition in quick, and carry on.

  11. Cost. No, it’s not as cost effective as meal prepping healthy plant based lunches for the week. But it’s faaaaaaar cheaper than popping to Tesco and getting a meal deal everyday.

  12. My OH likes the huel-a dance I do every morning shaking it up :wink:

Thanks Huel, keep up the good work!


To clarify, you’ve been having two scoops a day?

No two meals of 2 scoops each and a generous non-huel evening meal. I know 3 scoops per meal is the guideline but it was just too much for me and I couldn’t finish it.

Oh okay. 152g is only 600 calories! Hardly anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Huel is nowhere near as good tastewise as the protein shakes I make.
Nutritionally better balanced for the normal day-to-day, though. Huel can be quite easily made better-tasting with a banana and a little cocoa, mind. And a dash of cashew butter.

Probably dents the nutritional profile a little, I guess… :smiley:

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It’s all subjective I guess. Perhaps I’ve only ever bought exclusively revolting protein powder :smile:

I’m not much of a fan of the non-enhanced protein shake either - I put lots of other stuff in my protein shakes to make them nice (and to add nutrients).

Some kind of fat is good (a nut butter of your choice), as is some chia or flax depending on your texture preference, and a banana to add some carbs. Then a decent amount of flavour (cocoa, or a Huel flavour system, or other flavour drops).

I’ve never heard of a “shaker ball” before. Do they make a difference?

Something to add to the wrapping-up-your-order extras box in the shop @TimOfficeHuel?

That said, the little lumps give me something to chew on, so might even be a good thing, slowing down the rate at which I wolf it down…

@chughes something like the above. Zero lumps :smile:

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