Varying Huel preparation causes problems

I really didn’t know what to title this haha. Sorry about the ambiguity.

Essentially something I have been noticing as I dip into Huel again more frequently is that when I use a shaker to mix huel (often with a few powdered oats and some cinnamon but this happens with 100% pure vanilla Huel too) it gives me a strange kind of upset stomach. Kind of like some kind of reflux, not acid, more like my stomach doesn’t want it there and blocks it’s digestion.

But when I blend it in my blender (again, it can be with other things or just pure Huel) I don’t seem to get that feeling. Or anything like it.

I thought it might be something to do with my odd stomach habits (I have some odd permutations of IBS rather than being a chronic thing I have these kind of episodes of slow gastric emptying/nausea/extreme fatigue and acid reflux. All other times I’m relatively normal. This is one of the things that brought me to Huel In the first place). But my stomach has evened out a great deal and it’s almost normal at the moment.

Wonder if anyone had any thoughts on this? Am i going crazy? Some odd placebo effect?

Hi There!

It could be the subtle texture difference making it feel different. I find that Huel made in a blender has a creamier texture compared to anything I make in the shaker. Refrigerating either makes them both thicker but I can still tell the difference.

For reference I vary between blending and shaking my Huel and don’t tend to add anything to it except some of the flavour packet powder.

Freshly shaken Huel can give me a pretty strong urge to throw it back up or a weird heavy stomach feeling if I drink it too fast. Perhaps consider how quickly you’re consuming it? I tend to find I risk drinking the stuff i’ve made in the shaker too fast as i’m already in a hurry if i’m using that method. As soon as I slow down the drinking speed all is well!