Huel fan, but stopped

Hi - id be interested to know, are you using the vanilla or the unsweetened, or do you have a problem with both?

I agree it’s way too thick.

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I have tried both. It seems to be not so bad with the unflavoured, but I hate the taste of that one its own, and the flavour packs seem to be a problem too.

Could you send me the name of the competitor @ryanhellyer?

could you tell me please the name of the product?, just to compare ingredients prices, delivery prices outside the UK etc.

To be honest I am very happy with huel since I bought my blender and I mix it with veggies/ fruits, I love it!.

Well they’ve changed the formula to address your lumpy issues so maybe give it another go.

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Hey Ryan, we’re obviously really sorry to be losing you. If your problems are lumping then we have rectified it - Slight Change to Huel v2.2 Formula

These changes to formula take a lot of time and I assure you from the first days we got complaints about the lumping we were on it. We’ve had some excellent additions to the new product development team in the past few months - it was just James and now there are four working on the future of Huel products.

Sorry that single serving packets is a game changer for you, 667 kcal is a pretty hefty meal for many. We want people to have more control in their diet and the specificity that Huel has allows this more readily than a 400, 500, 600 kcal serving pouch.

As ever, we do listen to you folks here on the forum and many (if not most?) changes to Huel have been made because of your great suggestions. Our main aim is to keep you happy.

I implore you to have a go with this new Huel.

That’s so weird I am really struggling with headaches as well. I have only been on it for a week, so will see how my headaches are this week.

I really like the Huel texture, less gloopy would probably feel less filling, leave it alone!

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Your headaches might be due to less coffee or tea rather than the Huel. Drink lots of water!

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I could be wrong, but I’d have thought that your stomach/intestines wouldn’t know if it’s gloopy or not. As far as I’m aware, you feel full when your stomach is full of anything, regardless of it’s viscosity.

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Why not just mention the brand name? We are all adults here…

My bet is that it’s Nutrilent Vegan. Some other brands come close, but Nutrilent is the only one that is exactly 160g per single serving, as per the “hints”. Anyone with google could yada yada the rest.

Other posts with other lent brand discussion have been locked by… hrm… Huel staff, so it’s sort of a legitimate concern that it could happen again. @ryanhellyer can of course dodge this until the end of days, as is his prerogative. His alternative wasn’t the point, in any case., if anyone wants to branch out. It’s not exactly exclusive to Huel, and everybody knows that.

If it’s 160 grams per 667 calories, it’s a bit of a shame they don’t pack in multiples of whole days. 160 grams per 667 calories would be 480 grams per 2000 calories, and that would allow a whole number serving size (in grams) regardless of if you want to consume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals per day. The only mass achievable by 'lents that would allow more whole number serving sizes would be 420 grams, which allows 1-7 meals.

I believe it is a different brand than that.

Is that selling now? It was “under reorganization” when I last checked in June, and now I get an https security error trying to access it.

I’m not concerned about the thread getting locked. I just consider it impolite to go bashing their product, then advertising something else here.

Huel has reached out to me and I’m going to try their new recipe and see how that works out.

I doubt it will be as convenient as the other product I am consuming at the moment, but I do trust Huel more than other companies. I think trust is important when you are dealing with a Frankenstein like powder food that could be full of all sorts of junk without you realising. So if it suits me sufficiently enough, I’ll switch back to Huel.


I think those are all fair comments.

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I just shake it like a mad thing and I’ve been lucky/fortunate perhaps not to have the lumping issue others describe.

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Even without the lumps, it’s still too thick and viscous. Most of Huel’s competitors don’t have that problem. I think the lumps are just a symptom of the problem, rather than the problem itself. Lumps can always be removed with a blender.