Huel fibre content from flaxseed?

The Vanilla Huel v3.0 Nutrition Information label states that there is 7.0g of fibre per 100g serving.

How much of that is derived from the Ground Flaxseed which is listed as the third ingredient?

Hello Pipps,

They don’t disclose the amounts of individual ingredients in Huel as it is part of their recipe so you’d have to guesstimate it based on previously ‘known’ information (which is variable anyway) at around 3.2g.

Why do you ask? Because of the cyanide and phytoestrogens?

Anyone who wants to consume Huel while on a medically enforced low-fibre diet will ask this question. It is therefore highly pertinent.

You could also paraphrase this question to be, what are the proportions of soluble and insoluble fibre comprising the total stated 7.0g?

The insoluble fibre in the flaxseed (linseed) can be disregarded when evaluating Huel for low-fibre dietary usage.

Flaxseed (linseed) as a common bulk laxative is widely added to low-fibre diets to prevent constipation because it is insoluble fibre.

I have been using Huel extensively for several years. But I now have to convince my doctors that it is suitable for low-fibre usage.

This means I have to demonstrate what levels of soluble fibre it contains per 100g. This means disregarding the flaxseed (linseed).

Without knowing the flaxseed content per 100g of Huel powder, it is impossible to demonstrate that Huel is suitable for a low-fibre diet.

the last time James answered a similar question, the percentage of soluble fibre in Huel was around 46% of the total fibre - no clue if it has changed since then.

That is great to hear. Do you have a link? Thanks

the discussion I saw it in was here

Hey @Pipps, there’s approximately 2.1g of soluble fibre and 4.9g of insoluble fibre in 100g Huel v3.0.