What sort of fibre is in Huel?

Every now and then I come back to Huel to see if my guts can handle it, before stopping and admitting defeat!

But I think its time to give it another shot as our guts do change over time, so I hear.

A lot of replies in the forum say its the increase in fibre that causes the constipation and terrible wind.

So to get myself ready for the Huel, is there a way I can add the same fibre to my diet? To prepare myself and build a tollerance?


I would say start with one scoop (hell even half scoop). That way you can start building your tolerance up with Huel.

Take one (or half scoop). Drink it with excess water. Don’t have anything that you do not usually have. Do it for 2-3 days. Build up in half scoops.

That’s my advice.

Thanks. Will try that.

I don’t know the answer to the question but in terms of wind/constipation, then I would say the phenomenon is temporary. I believe this is because the ‘guts’ are in fact an amazing ecosystem of bacteria, whose balance and composition are based of course on what we have eaten over the previous years and decades. Imagine switching from that, to full-on Huel @ 3 or 4 times per day. From the bacteria point of view, it must be a shock to the system. But they soon adapt and thrive…clever little rascals.


The predominant source of soluble fibre in Huel is derived from oats. Oats are rich in a particularly effective soluble fibre called beta-glucan.



There is approximately 3.5g of soluble fibre in 100g Huel, so about 16g per 2,000 calories

Insoluble = approx 4.1g, so about 19g per 2,000 calories.


Sorry for bumping this old topic to the top of the list but, “3.5g of soluble fibre in 100g of Huel” is this 3.5g of beta-glucan?

All the best, Rickard

Hi @Spurt - about 1g of that it beta-glucan

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