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New poster here!

Have been using Huel for the past 2 months and am very much a huge fan. It’s helped me achieve everything I needed it to - saved me money, helped me clear my headspace around food after some years of really disordered eating, helped me lose weight (down 15 kilos now!), helped me get my health up, activity up and has made eating something positive and healthful rather than the stress/panic -> binge -> illness -> comfort eating -> stress/panic cycle it had been before.

The only thing I’m not impressed with is the level of fiber in Huel even though it’s partially oat-based. I’ve had a new set of blood work come through from the doctor who says that I need to up my intake of fiber massively. Inputting my daily eating into Cronometer, I’m sad to see I only get 40% of my daily fiber on average.

I take two scoops of Huel twice a day, snack on fruit/nuits and either have raw fruits or some grilled protein for dinner, or if I’m having an active evening, will usually fast until morning.

Are there any plans in the works about increasing the fiber content of Huel that anyone knows of? It really does seem to be the key point that it’s lacking for a full nutritional profile, apart from Potassium, which also seems low.

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You could add wheat bran to your Huel. It will add 36g per 100g of fibre and make your Huel thicker.

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Bran flakes for brekkie?

Hi @HuelerMCR! Good to have you on board. Huel is rich in insoluble and soluble fibres, including beta-glucan, thanks to the flax and oats. Check out the following article about fibre ( Huel Original contains 39.7g fibre based on a 2000 calorie Huel diet, which is 132% of the EU recommended intake for fibre.

If you’re having a total of 4 scoops Huel/day, you will be getting just over one third of your total fibre intake for the day. You mentioned you were getting 40% of your daily fibre recommendations - suggesting that you’re not getting a whole lot of other fibre from the rest of your diet. You could try wholegrain cereals, wholegrain breads, potato skins, fruits (with skin on), or adding pulses like beans, lentils or chickpeas to your evening meals.

Hope that helps!


Add psyllium husk and blend? :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice! I generally don’t eat anything apart from a lean protein (usually chicken or turkey breast) and salads apart from Huel, and nuts as snacks. Salad days are obviously higher-fiber but I admit I go for the iceberg lettuce which is nutritionally not the best.

Was thinking of getting something like a VitaFiber to add to each Huel meal but worried about sugar levels and how they may be too sweet. Don’t like to blend (more washing up…) and hate the taste of apple fiber.

Might be simpler to take a standard supplement with water than mix into Huel I think. Any ideas?

Look into gum arabic too. Very high fibre and prebiotic content and it doesn’t taste sweet.