HUEL fixed my everything

I am writing this personal account in the hopes that it will open up new thoughts about Huel as a blanket non-invasive treatment for all sorts of issues.

I bought HUEL because I have many food allergies, but mostly because I am allergic to eggs, and cross-contamination is nearly impossible to avoid. Fancy restaurants, grocery stores, work cafeterias, fast food, doesn’t matter. Eggs are everywhere. As you can guess, my diet was not great because of this. I mostly settled on a small variety of pre-packaged foods (think vending machines) that proved consistantly safe.

The first time I used HUEL I felt very strange. There were tingling sensations, warm waves that flooded over me head to toe, and various other reactions which had me somewhat concerned I was allergic to HUEL as well. After a couple of hours, I felt amazing. By amazing I don’t mean ‘I now have super powers’ amazing, I simply mean I didn’t hurt anymore. AT ALL. My joints don’t hurt, my eyes don’t hurt, my gut doesn’t hurt and most of all, the giant charlie-horse of a muscle-knot in my lower back that has plagued me for a decade and forced me to walk like an old man on its worst days… is gone. Three scoops of HUEL… and a few hours later… and its GONE!!! I could not believe it.

I have been on HUEL for 7 days now, using it for lunch instead of the high-risk-of-egg options that are available to me at work and I continue to feel wonderful. The effect was not a one-trick-wonder. I have gone 7 days without back issues and I want to cry and/or hug anyone that will let me. If you haven’t had a similar semi-crippling pain, constantly throbbing in the background of everything you are trying to do, you won’t be able to understand the pure joy realized once it is gone.

I assumed all my chronic issues were just “bad genes/bad luck” like the food allergies were. It never occured to me (or my doctors) that the food allergies were preventing good nutrition (or nutriant absorbsion), and the other issues were simply side-effects of that. Huel nutriants soaked in and got the job done I guess.

–edit on this last bit, I feel the message was getting lost–
I know my story will not align with everyone as my issues are a bit unique, but if you know someone who is grumpy, achy, depressed, in the bathroom too much, or just hurting, it may be diet related. So maybe, just maybe, let them try your HUEL and see what happens. It seems like a minimal risk/major reward scenario. If even one of someone’s discomfort issues is caused by a nurtiant deficiency, HUEL could maybe help, so why not? In my case, a food allergy is the cause, but deficincies can occur for many reasons. The symptoms of which can be just as indirect and cryptic, as I learned first hand.( Using my specific case as just an example, not all food allergies show up as swollen face, closing throat, Epi-Pen (sp?) nightmares. Egg allergies don’t, they hit you like the Flu, are often misdiagnosed as depression, and last up to 5 days which is plenty of time for you to come across more cross-contamination and never get out of the cycle.) In summary, try HUEL, share HUEL, see what symptoms dramatically improve quickly, document it, and live happier for it.


Wow, I’m glad you’re feeling so much better! You must have had some gnarly malnutrition going on. How nice that you’ve found a relatively simple solution! :slight_smile:

This is a really interesting post and I’m happy that I’m more informed about egg allergies and the odd effects nutritional deficiency can have, so thank you for taking the time to share.


Thank you so, so much for sharing this story. I feel awful for what you’ve had to go through - back, tiredness, illness, allergies and more. No one should have such a tough time of it and it really makes us smile to know that we’re helping you nurse your way to a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle. Thanks for making our day, I really hope we can continue to make yours too.



Thank you for the kind words. I just hope HUEL can help others too. I wish it existed 20 years ago. haha.

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Thank you!!! Without HUEL I would still be … well… the old me. I just got a second chance at life. :smiley:

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