Huel for weight training

Can Hurl be used for weight gain and body building? If, what would be recommended amounts?


Depends on your existing body composition and goals.

Hit us with some stats about yourself and we’ll see what we can come up with.

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Hi there,
Not sure what stats you want.
Height 5’ 7", about 160lb, slim athletic build. Do 4 HIIT sessions a week and weights. Eat around 2000 calories daily. Probably need to change training routine but unsure of nutritional requirements such as numbers of calories required to gain mass etc .
Would be grateful for assistance.

If you want to gain weight you definitely eat more. Not sure how long you hit the gym for but 4HIIT sessions plus weight sounds like fairly active to me, even though you migh not be that tall.

I am 5’8’’ and about 177lbs I need 2180ish to maintain, as soon as I move around a little I might need 2300-2500. When I go to the gym (about 1h) I burn around 500kcal. So in order to put on weight I would look to eat around 3,000 (at least on my more active days).

I would get a shake before the workout and after the workout (400-500 each maybe) as an easy way to have more calories. Use milk if you want.

I feel like Huel with 30g/400 kcal will be a great post workout meal. @GTIPuG has great smoothies (check his history) with extra protein if you were looking for that too.

In summary, if I were you I would look to eat 2,500kcal plus on the days you hit the gym (if you are looking to put on weight. About 30g per meal would help you optimize you muscle gains, too so having ~3 scoops per Huel for some of the meals will help you getting some easy calories and protein. Look to put any protein isolate source if you feel you need extra.


This is all absolutely solid advice.

As LatestFuels said, 4 x HIIT session is a fair bit of calorie expenditure. You’ll need to eat back all of the calories you burn in those sessions to gain weight.

As always, weigh yourself every few days and track it in something like MyFitnessPal to build a nice graph. Should be able to get a reasonable idea of your gains/losses by tracking your weight. Also ensure your lifts all go up. Nothing huge, but progress volume/intensity sufficiently to progressively overload your muscles.

This has been invaluable on my journey, can’t recommend it enough:


I second this. There is tons of knowledge in that subreddit.

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Thanks for the info. Based on the info, my protein intake should be about 160g, fat intake 80g and carbs-200g. Can I use Huel, to obtain these targets?

The split you are suggesting is a 33F/37C/29P split. Huel offers a 30F/40C/30P split, so I would say it fit you macros really well. But this would be speaking if you were only going to consume Huel, which would be quite hard.

It will greatly help you achieving your goals, though. So the answer is yes, you can use it. In fact the Huel meals would be the easiest to calculate during the whole day and the ones that will cause you the least worries.