Huel Hot and Savory + Gastric Sleeve?

I’m going to be undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in two weeks. I’m stressing over post op food. Huel Hot and Savory looks like an option for once I’m out of the soft/liquid phase. Any comments/Experience?

Hi @ChrysBliss - welcome!

Hope the procedure goes well. Hot & Savoury is high protein and based on slow-release carbs with all essential nutrients, so it would be a great choice when you’re back on solids.

Some post bariatrics, have Huel Black Edition in few weeks before solids with success - ideal as it’s protein is higher.

(NB - Huel products are only nutritionally complete at 2000kcal, so, on a smaller calorie intake - which you’ll be on - we cannot recommend Huel as your sole source of nutrition)

You must really be out of the liquid phase before you can start it. After that there is no reason why it should not work. As one meal has 400kcal only it is also easier to have more and smaller meals.