Huel in New Zealand

I was wondering whether anyone has tried to take any huel on a flight to New Zealand. I was hoping to take a few bags worth but am worried about their strict laws regarding food coming into the country.

Any experience on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I have the same issue. Did you manage to take it with you?

Having a similar issue, I have communicated with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries that cover this issue.

The response I received is as follows so it feels as though there is no problem taking personal quantities with you. With the new powder restrictions, I would only take it as hold luggage though. -

There are no restrictions on bringing your items.

All items arriving into New Zealand must be declared -on a passenger arrival card at the airport or postal declaration documents on mail items. A Quarantine Officer may need to look at the items.

All risk goods must be declared or be disposed of in marked amnesty bins at air and sea ports. If you’re unsure – declare. On arrival in New Zealand, your bags may be sniffed by detector dogs, x-rayed or searched. Infringement fees, fines and penalties apply for not declaring risk items on your Passenger Arrival Card.

Hi @Darren_from_York
How did you get on with flying into NZ with Huel?

No problem at all. I took the email response just in case and declared it on arrival but they pretty much just waived me through.

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