Huel in the news - sort of!

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Spotted on BBC North West tonight.


haha gratuitous product placement by a doctor - nice!


Worth a thousand words :grin:

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:raised_hands: Actually love this! We’ll have to get in touch to say thanks. Maybe get him on the forum!

Excellent spot Andrew. Where else have you guys spotted Huel - on TV, in the wild?

I remember the excitement when we found out Niall Horan (ex 1 Direction singer) was holding Huel in a few seconds of his music video for ‘Slow Hands’.

I don’t think anyone else spotted other than us, but we were excited!


Also, Jeremy Vine has Huel according to podcast no. 12 in the ‘Fortunately…with F and Jane’ series available on BBC Sounds app and elsewhere

Great to hear he still has Huel. Back a few years ago Julian went on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2. It was only a few minutes, and Michael Mosley was on it too. I remember it was a crazy day and drove so much awareness of Huel as overall was very positive as Jeremy had it each day. They said the classic stuff about not recommending it 100% but was a cool piece.

Will have to check out the podcast! Thank you!


Good! It can do no harm to have ‘users’ highly placed in media.

It was this very broadcast that got me into Huel.


I hope Tim Vine (his bro) uses Huel.