Huel in the news

Ping your heart out: how the UK fell back in love with the microwave | Consumer affairs | The Guardian

Jen Creevy, the director of the food and drink division at the trend agency WGSN, said […] brands and retailers were responding to demand for healthier microwave meals by using more “real food ingredients”, even overhauling humble instant pot meals, such as PotNoodle.

She said brands such as Huel were creating vegan, plant-based instant meals such as yellow coconut curry or cajun pasta. “This behaviour will continue as products get overhauled and choices rise.”

…guessing she’s talking about H&S, unless Huel’s about to launch microwave meals?! nice namecheck anyway.


Thank you for sharing! She’s talking about our Hot & Savoury range as it can be prepared in the microwave. Would you like to see us come out with a more typical microwave meal range?

I was confused at first, article about microwave meals mentioning Huel, thought maybe there was something in the works. Frozen slabs of Huel? Then I gave my head a shake…

Still, nice idea, if could be available in the shops and at a price. Powdered Huel, Liquid Huel, Frozen Huel, Dried Huel, Huel-in-a-can, Huel-in-a-tube. Huel tablets. :boom: