"Huel Is Coming to America" - says Extra Crispy

European Soylent Competitor Huel Is Coming to America says the website ExtraCrispy.com.

Unfortunately they give no details and cite no specific sources! What do they know that we don’t?

Huel has been “coming to America” for a few years now, it is no secret.

I just hoped that the linked site actually knew something. But apparently it’s just click-bait.


Seems to be working.

da wha? It’s there? It works! Well, it took my money in US$. I will be reporting on shipping time and so on!

Hey Huel, is this made in, or warehoused in, the US? Or are you doing the JJoy thing, shipping across the Atlantic?

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This might be the nutritional profile they are using for USA:

It feels superior to the European one in many ways. It has better amount of sodium, potassium, calcium and folate, among other micronutrients. It also uses a superior thickener blend of Acacia gum, guar gum and xanthan gum, which should make it much smoother than the European version without forming any lumps.

On the other hand, it uses a worse form of some micronutrients than the European one, but that might get updated eventually to be in line with Huel v2.2.

Not sure how they managed to get Iron so low while still keeping oats as primary source of carbs.

Says made in Canada on the nutritional label.

Whoa. Are we breaking news here? I’ve not seen a press release (and I have a google alert for such things; it’s what got me the Extra Crispy story).

However, as of 2 June, according to the Huel facebook page, almost all their URLs changed to us.huel.com and now I can’t even reach the old huel.com pages, even in an icognito window. So there’s a location-based redirect happening.

Just as you say, the nutrition panel, here is the Vanilla one, is the US style and says “formulated and manufactured in Canada”.

Well, I placed an order, and have a confirmation email for my t-shirt, scoop and two bags to my address in Palo Alto! I will update this thread when I get a shipping notice and on receipt.
Exciting times!

On the us.huel site there is a striking absence: no flavor packs! I realized I’ve ordered one bag of U/U and thought, oh, better get the flavor sampler also – but no. And the US version of the FAQ, under “Can I add flavor?” only talks about ad-hoc flavorings like coffee, syrups and blended fruit.

Apparently flavor packets haven’t gotten their Canadian visas yet :slight_smile:.

Have received shipment notification! (“Your order has been dispatched!”) So that was 4 days from placing the order to shipment. (Not complaining! just reporting!)


Still waiting… According to the “delivery questions” page, average time to my state (California) is 3 days. My Huel should arrive via FedEx, and my T-shirt and shaker via the postal service.

TImeline: order confirmed 15 June; order dispatched 19 June.

In the US, you can label micronutrients by the amount you’ve added, not necessarily the total amount (Soylent do this a lot). With that said, there doesn’t appear to be an added source of iron in the ingredients, so an explanation would be nice (some forms of oats have much lower iron contents than others).

I just want to take the opportunity to congratulate Huel and wish them the best of luck with this release. It’s a big step, but I’d love to see you do well over there - I have a lot more respect for you as a company than I do for Soylent, and it’d be nice for more competition over in the US. Your product certainly seems to be one of the top products over there now.

I obviously understand if this isn’t information the team want to release right now, but are there any intentions to replicate the micronutrient mix in this US version in the EU product? I’m particularly curious about potassium, vitamin D, calcium, choline and iron, but obviously any information anyone can provide is amazing.

But again, best of luck with this, and while there probably isn’t anything I can do, if I can help you guys in any way, please let me know :slight_smile:


Huel arrived today, this afternoon, via UPS.

It’s my intent to post a detailed review soonish – couple weeks probably.


Yeah, this is bloody annoying. I can’t get to the UK Huel site at all any more. I’m not in the US.

I tried the link to the UK site at the bottom of the page, but I keep getting dumped back on the US site.

How am I going to order?

There are various VPNs you can use.


The easiest would probably be Hola. Download this and you can change your IP address to one that appears to be in the U.K. - should do the trick.

Please do not advise people to use Hola.


Ah damn, thanks for pointing this out, I was unaware, just knew it was a free VPN option where you could select the country to browse from. That really isn’t good.

Sure, but I shouldn’t have to. Lots of companies have many local sites that I can use without being redirected to the wrong one. amazon.co.uk v’s amazon.com, myprotein.com v’s us.myprotein.com etc.

Or maybe I could just buy from Genesis or Bertrand instead. They don’t redirect me to the wrong place. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I’m sure they’ll patch it soon, this was just a suggestion for the meantime :slight_smile:

It is indeed, exactly as printed on the bag I am holding here in Palo Alto California!

Interesting things: one, values are listed for “Cups” with (fortunately IMO) the translation to grams. A “cup” is a volume measurement and subject to variation when measuring a powder. (For example when baking, one takes care to measure a “cup” of flour by sifting the powder rather than just scooping it, for exactly this reason.)

Second, I am surprised at the direction to mix 5:1 water to powder. That means if I want to mix a 2000kcal batch, I will need a container with a volume near 3L – 500g of powder wants 2500cc of water. Being accustomed to 2000kcal of Soylent fitting nicely in a 2L pitcher, I am a bit taken aback. I’ll probably mix 1000kcal at a time, which is fine; but a change.

Is that 5:1 recommendation the same as on the U.K. bags? (I’d look it up on the website but I can’t get to the UK site :rage:)

Yes, same - and very necessary, Huel is very thick. Back during version 1.2, it was 2L water for 2000kcal Huel (500g), but it increased significantly in Huel v2.0.