Huel Noob experiences food pleasure and something from a Lovecraft novel

Evening! It’s my first day on Huel. Vanilla flavour with Maca powder, cacao powder and a double espresso for breakfast and lunch…

All good so far. On its own it tastes like ready brek. Blended with the other stuff it’s just lovely… I can’t see any issue with me being able to stick to this until I’ve lost enough weight to start running again (my knees just won’t take it at my current heft)

Still - the wind! Dear God, the terrible, terrible wind! Not even having the good grace to announce itself properly - I was thinking belly gripes and a lot of noise. Oh no, a little one that just slipped out when I got in the car as I left work… I had to open all the windows! :nauseated_face: Halloween was last night but I thought the gates of hell had opened in the back seat of my Corsa and the un-nameable ones were clawing their way from realms they had been hitherto banished to (purely based on their noxious odour - they may well have been otherwise really nice and helped old ladies across roads etc but their smell made it impossible to keep them in the Earth realms due to plant life withering at the first whiff!)

For my family’s sake I hope this passes (and I mean that literally) as soon as possible :grin:

I shall keep you posted…


Welcome to Huel :joy: Excellent description, I can assure you it passes but can’t promise it won’t return from time to time :upside_down_face:

That was brilliant to read.
I have not had this trouble luckily. Was worried about that minor issue though.
Hopefully it will pass once your body adjusts.

What a great description but unfortunately I have to agree.

I never experienced this with the original version but tried my first meal of 2.2 and was horrified! I can’t use this for lunches at work or for taking away with me (when vegan meals are hard to find) as I had planned.

I always managed fine on the earlier version, using no more than one meal a day for the first week and two meals after that (3 scoops + 1.5 scoops) I have no idea how to accustom my body to it now, since I can’t use it weekdays.

After just one 3-scoop meal I was relegated to the spare room for the night!

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